May 23, 2018

Surrogacy Packages

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Our Primary Motive is to provide you best surrogacy services at affordable prices. Intended parents from all over the world can go through our surrogacy packages.

Affordable Surrogacy Financing options /Affordable IVF & Egg donation Package:

We at ARTbaby -Surrogacy Centre Georgia offers affordable IVF practices with multiple payment options and financing options. We are very transparent during the whole process & there is no hidden cost.

For affordable surrogacy options ARTbaby -Surrogacy Centre Georgia you can pay 25% of the surrogacy contract cost as down payment and balance in monthly interest free installments that too starts once surrogate gets pregnant.

We at ARTbaby -Surrogacy Centre Georgia also flexible in payment terms on patient to patient basis and design tailor made packages for individuals.  

We also offer guaranteed surrogacy package wherein you need only 25% as down payment and balance payments start only when surrogate gets pregnant. Guaranteed surrogacy package offers unlimited tries ( 5 times) till pregnancy with fresh IVF cycle or frozen embryos .

Add-on benefits with ARTbaby -Surrogacy Centre Georgia:

1) Assistance in hotel booking.

2) Free airport pick up & drop.

3) Dedicated coordinator.

4) Complimentary city tour.

5) Local pre-paid simcard with handset.

6) All injections by trained staff at your Hotel/Apartment.  

7) Translator on demand.

Traveling donor’s cost – Donor’s Cycle

  • Caucasian Donor – 5,200 USD
  • Asian Donor – 12,000 USD
  • Indian Origin- 12,000 USD
  • Black donor – 12,000 USD 

IVF/ICSI & Surrogacy Packages in Georgia/Ukraine

  • General IVF/ICSI Package with one cycle of IVF will cost$ 7200
  • IVF with Indian origin / Black/ Asian egg donor the package costs$ 17200
  • IVF with Caucasian donor the package is $ 12400

Surrogacy Package(Georgia/Ukraine)

  • One IVF/ICSI cycle-7200USD
  • Our IVF surrogacy package for Georgia/Ukraine with one surrogate costs$ 37000(two attempts)
Package includes all medications during pregnancy & normal delivery charges as per the protocol.

Note: Traveling donor’s cost – Donor’s Cycle includes : Screening, consultations, scans, stimulation drugs, compensation of Donor, traveling & stay cost with coordinator.For more details on updated packages and payment terms and conditions please do write to us on: Email: