Religious and Scientific views of Surrogacy

Religious and Scientific view of Surrogacy

Religion is related to humanity, as it is the cultural system that depicts social organization, behavioral practice, and ethics from a global perspective. Our religious outlook, supported by molecular and genetic science has already accepted that the instinct of parenthood is a physiological phenomenon of the whole animal kingdom, including human beings. Reproduction is a[…]

Human life in frozen Embryo and Fertility treatment ethics

Human life in frozen embryos? Fertility treatments ethics

There are different explanations for the concept of the embryo for human life. These explanations are largely based upon the social contemplations of people. The concept of frozen human embryos has always remained a topic of ethical concern. There are multiple definitions of embryo-derived from individual ethicists and legislators. In IVF clinics, the frozen embryos[…]

Oocyte freezing (easter egg)

Oocyte freezing explained

What is Oocyte freezing? Oocyte freezing is a process of preserving unfertile, viable eggs to retain female reproductive potentiality for later use. The entire process starts with producing eggs in the ovary through hormonal stimulation and transvaginal salvaging followed by freezing. The process completes with storing the viable eggs in the medical laboratory. These frozen[…]

Why Surrogacy is a Better Option for Childless Couples?

Becoming a surrogate is not a decision that is made when one has not done a good self evaluation. It is a decision that needs not be taken in a hurry. It is a decision that you will keep remembering it for the rest of your life, or as long as you see the person[…]

Becoming a surrogate mother

Risk and Complications Associated with Surrogate Mothers

Today, married couples face a few issues when it comes to raising children. A mother might face a lot of issues with her body which may prevent the couple from having children. Surrogacy comes as something of a boon for them. Surrogacy is the process of using a third person to carry a couple’s child[…]

Egg Banking- A Boon for Future Fertility

If you are like millions of couples struggling with infertility, you may feel as though you are alone. For women, feelings of inadequacy and failure may overcome them. In men, the inability to conceive may cause men to feel overwhelmed with guilt. Although frustrations may run high, and the feelings of loneliness may seem unbearable[…]

Sperm Donation Services – A Hope to Childless Couple

Sperm donation is used when a male partner has low sperm count, has a lack of sperm, blockage or any genetic defects that parents do not want to pass. Sperm donor should be a healthy person with an age of 20 to 40 years. A sperm donor can be anonymous which couple can find out[…]