The surrogacy success story of a Brazilian couple

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Tbilisi, Georgia, A Brazilian couple got disappointed & hopeless in their life after they lost their young son. After few years passed they decided to have their own child but they were unable to conceive naturally on their own due to age factor. They decided to try IVF treatment but there were many failures so their doctor suggested for surrogacy which was the only option left for them.

After lots of searches, they finally contacted Ravi Sharma (Director ARTbaby Surrogacy Centre) through ARTbaby’s online surrogacy portal. After lots of discussion & understanding, they decided to come to Tbilisi, Georgia for surrogacy.

They faced many difficulties within their surrogacy process also (miscarriages etc). After a few failed attempts they were blessed with twin babies (one baby girl and a baby boy). Here is a complete surrogacy success story of a Brazilian couple for hopeless infertile intended parents.

Parents holding their twin surrogate babies : Pic Surrogacy Success Story
Brazilian couple with their twin surrogate babies.

After sharing the previous surrogacy stories they decided for a fifth IVF try and got success but there were two miscarriages with the surrogate mother at 16th and 20th week. And again they were confused and disappointed. 

It was difficult for them to go through the Surrogacy process again and after a detailed counseling session, we were able to make them agreed for another try with their frozen embryos. It was like a challenge to team ARTbaby Surrogacy clinic, Tbilisi, Georgia. This Brazilian couple seemed to have a tough fight with their fate in this surrogacy journey. We all were obsessed for the success.       

In the end, the surrogate mother got pregnant successfully but at 8th month there was premature delivery with twin babies and once again the Canadian couple was very hopeless but The both babies(twin surrogates) survived and were kept in NICU for a month till they achieved normal health and weight. And the Canadian couple was finally happy and traveling to their home country with their twin surrogate babies.

Premature Surrogate baby in NICU
Brazilian Couples travelling to home with their Surrogate baby

At the beginning of the new year 2019, this surrogacy journey gave them a new chance for a fresh start with a new chapter in their life.

This Brazilian couple’s Surrogacy success story is a lesson and inspiration to those infertile intended parents who are struggling to have a baby through IVF and surrogacy and facing complication.

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