Sperm Donation Services

Surrogacy center Georgia operates a comprehensive sperm donation services to give women who are unable to produce eggs, or can’t use their own eggs, the chance to become pregnant and have children. It assists infertile women and couples to have a family – something they are unable to achieve on their own.

We offer in-depth information regarding our Egg Donation Services in Georgia, and our expert nurse coordinators are able to answer any questions about the program and the steps involved.

Who Requires Donor Eggs?

For some women, Egg Donation Services offer the only chance they have to turn their dreams of maternity into a truth. There are several reasons why women requirement donor eggs to have a baby, including:

Premature menopause.

  • They are unable to use their own eggs due to genetic causes.
  • They have been repeatedly unsuccessful using the IVF program.
  • They were born without ovaries.
  • They have undergone treatment for cancer.

Who can be an Egg Donor?

Healthy women of all backgrounds are able to donate their eggs, on the condition that they meet the following criteria:

Aged 21-32 if clinic-recruited: Egg donors over 32 will not be accepted for clinic-recruited donation. The suitable age of a known egg donor must be discussed with your specialist.

No history of inherited disease. Donors will not be recognized if they suffer from a genetic disorder or illness, disease that can be passed on to a child conceived from the donation.

Women who are adopted cannot donate unless genetic family history is known.

If married or in a de facto relationship, the husband/partner must consent to the donation. Where a married couple is separated but not divorced, it is recommended that the husband consent to the procedure.

Clinic-Recruited donors must have a permanent address and be contactable for follow-up medical tests. They are required to provide three identifiers and proof of a permanent address, e.g. driver’s license, photo ID and passport.

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