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Georgian Surrogacy

In Georgia, Surrogacy is a legal and the most affordable option in Europe and the United State for heterosexual couples whether they are Georgian or a foreign nationals. It is easy to carry the surrogate baby to the intended parent’s home country as only the intended parent’s name is mentioned as legal parents and no mention of Surrogacy and surrogate mother on the birth certificate. An experienced dedicated team will help you in making your families complete through our world-class surrogacy facilities at our clinic in Tbilisi. With our 9+ years of global experience in IVF Surrogacy in Georgia and we believe in providing the best Surrogacy in Georgia services to intended parents who are looking for affordable Abroad Surrogacy.

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Fertility Tourism

In recent years Georgia country has emerged as the best medical tourism destination for foreign nationals especially in the fertility sector as the number of intended parents who are looking for different fertility services like IVF, Egg Donation, Sperm Donation, and Surrogacy. With world-class medical facilities and experts, fertility treatment services, and a tourist-friendly destination with nice nature and environment. Also Best known for affordable surrogacy abroad specially in Tbilisi clinics.

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Gamete donation

In Georgia, Gamete donation is also available for those who are unable to have children on their eggs/sperm, and with having the largest database of egg and sperm donors at our Tbilisi, Georgia surrogacy clinic. We will help intended parents in having children through IVF and Surrogacy. Our Egg donor services are consist of all kinds of legal donor solutions with donors of all origins including Caucasian/Asian/Black for your infertility treatment/surrogacy to help you in completing your family. Our Egg Donor database is proven for results to ensure the maximum success rate for your IVF process.

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Surrogate Mothers

Surrogate mothers in Georgia are from middle-class educated families with a healthy lifestyle and are well aware of the surrogacy process and ready to help intended parents for a good cause. We will help you with choosing and matching the best surrogate mother for you as we own one of the world’s largest proven surrogate mother networks and databases at our Georgia Surrogacy Centre in Tbilisi. Surrogate mothers in Georgia are well compensated for their help. We take care of the surrogate mother regularly to ensure healthy delivery and a healthy baby. The Surrogacy Process is documented at every step from surrogate contracts to handing over the baby at our Surrogacy in Tbilisi clinic.


We will help you in making your family through a large database of Surrogates and Egg Donors of all ethnic origin with our 9+ years of experience of Surrogacy in Georgia services and Egg Donation services globally.
We provide best quality surrogacy options in Tbilisi

ARTbaby Georgia is to assisting childless couples(heterosexual) Since 2011 to achieve their goals of building their family through legal IVF and Surrogacy services in Georgia.
ARTbaby also provides egg donation services globally including Traveling donors and embryo shipping.
We firmly believe that surrogacy and egg donation is the last and the only hope available to the childless couples after several failed IVF cycles or as indicated as the last resort by the treating IVF specialist. With our several years of expertise, we can assure that childless couples have a great experience throughout the surrogacy & IVF donor cycle.
We also assure full honesty, confidentiality, and transparency throughout our Georgian surrogacy process and thereafter.

  • 1000+ IVF and Surrogate Babies

  • Best quality IVF centres globally

  • Proven donors of all ethnic origins.


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