February 19, 2016

Reproductive Tourism in Georgia

Reproductive tourism is also known as Fertility Tourism where the intended couple travels from own country to other countries for the purpose of various fertility treatments. Also, being a budget-friendly country, reproductive tourism Georgia provides great hospitality with tasty food and warm, welcoming and friendly people allowing the mother and their family to put stress aside which works as a great relief.

Why should you choose Reproductive Tourism Georgia?

  1. Unavailability of all the fertility treatments in the home country.
  2. Fertility treatments are banned in some countries which encourages couples to move to other countries where they can opt for IVF, surrogacy and other fertility treatment.
  3. The cost of fertility treatments for the intended couples is lower compared to their own country.
  4. More donors are available in other countries such as Georgia, where the time of intended parents is saved in finding a donor and starting the treatment as fast as possible.
  5. Georgian doctors are experienced & experts in IVF treatment. Most of the doctors are trained in this treatment in the USA and Europe. The doctors are participating in global conferences in the US and Europe to keep updated with the latest developments and technology in the industry.

Benefits of Reproductive Tourism Georgia:

  1. Reproductive tourism Georgia enables the couples to enjoy the parenthood again with the help of technological advancement of Georgia infertility treatments.
  2. Since only a few countries support surrogacy, Georgia has a high chance of becoming a great hub for reproductive tourism.

Note: Refer to the cost of Surrogacy and surrogacy services in Georgia for further details of cost to understand the reproductive tourism costs in for further details.