January 10, 2022

About Us

Surrogacy clinic in Georgia


We are keen to provide the best surrogacy solutions at our surrogacy clinic in Georgia to childless people in a very convenient way to complete their families with our five years of global experience in providing infertility treatment.

Our Mission

The mission of ARTbaby is to assist childless couples to achieve their goals of building a family through surrogacy and egg donation.

We firmly believe that surrogacy and egg donation is the last and only hope available to the childless after several failed IVF cycles or as indicated as the last resort by the treating IVF specialist.

With our several years of expertise, we can assure that childless couples have a great experience throughout the surrogacy and IVF donor cycle.

We also assure full honesty, confidentiality, and transparency throughout the process and thereafter.

ARTbaby Surrogacy and Egg donation Centre focuses on reducing the anxiety that is normally an indispensable part of the IVF treatment.

Our commitment is to provide the highest quality treatment through our experienced and qualified IVF specialists and paramedical staff.


Ravi Sharma: – Bachelor of Pharmacy & MBA (Marketing)

ARTbaby surrogacy centre Georgia Director

Ravi Sharma is a self-motivated young entrepreneur.

He is a Bachelor in Pharmacy with MBA in Marketing. 

He has dedicated his life to the sufferings of childless couples and individuals.

He is never tired of assisting people, surrogates, and egg donors and made his available for them 24X7.

He is working in the segment of Infertility treatment for 8 years.

He is associated with the successful launch of Medical Tourism Company offers assistance in various infertility treatment options.

Surrogacy Centre Georgia offers a travel donors program and surrogacy options to clients worldwide.

He has written various articles on Surrogacy and Egg donation based up his practical experience touching the life of surrogates mothers, egg donors, and the Indented Parents. 

He is a true professional with a great human touch and feels.

With his dream and commitment to creating families for all, he has a clear focus on providing products, services, and knowledge in the fertility field.


Regional patient coordinator

International Patient Coordinator 

Graduated & PG – Management & HR from East European University.



International Patient Coordinator

Graduated in  “Public Health ” & PG in Nursing.


Regional Coordinator

Graduated-Management ( Public Relations) Completed several general medicine courses.

Dr. Lika(Embryologist)


The founder and director of the Georgian-American Center for Reproductive Medicine, ReproART, work in this field for over 20 years.

Member of the National Committee of the European Society of Human Reproduction In-Vitro fertilization clinics in the United States.

2006-2012 Head of In-Vitro fertilization section at the Junona Medical Center, Tbilisi, (extension of the URA center, New Jersey, USA).

2003 – 2006 Senior embryologists at the In-Vitro fertilization department of the Zhordania Institute for Human Reproduction.

2000 – 2003 Embryologists, head of the laboratory at the Junona Medical Center, Tbilisi.

1997 – 2000 Embryologists at TheFertility and Reproductive Medicine, New York, USA.

1996 – 1997 Research coordinator, leading the Molecular Biology department at the Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, USA.

1995 – 1996 Embryologists, Reproductive Health, Annandale Medical Centre, Virginia, USA.

1994 – 1995 Research assistant at the Jone’s Institute for Reproductive Health, Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

1983 – 1994 Researcher at the Zhordania Institute for Human Reproduction where the first child in Georgia using the Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) was born.

She is the President of the Association for Reproductive Medicine and Biology of Georgia. and Embryology (ESHRE).

Dr. Chkonia holds a Doctorate from Jone’s Reproduction Institute, the city of Norfolk, USA.

(where the first child in the United States was conceived with the use of the in vitro insemination method).

Certified teacher of Assisted Reproductive Technology, in particular, micromanipulation training programs at the Jone’s Reproduction Institute.




989-1995 Tbilisi State Medical University Tbilisi, Georgia.

1995-1996 Internship at Chachava State Clinical Institute Tbilisi, Georgia.

1996 Course of Emergency Medical Assistance at EMS Training Center, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2001 State Certificate –Public Health and Health.

2002 Training in Reproductive Healthcare at Tbilisi State Medical Academy, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2001 State Certificate –OBGYN and Prenatal Medicine.

2002 State Certificate –Reproductive Endocrinology.

2005 Theoretical and Practical Course in gynecology and Reproductive Medicine at Dr. Rafael Barnan’s Clinic in Rishon-Le-Zion, Israel.

2011 Diploma – 1-st Donald Course Advanced in Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Israel.

2013 Laparoscopic surgery –- Training
Karl Storz International Training Center
Tbilisi, Georgia

2012- present OBGYN, Reproductive Endocrinologist, Georgian-American Center for Reproductive Medicine ReproART, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2006 – 2012 OBGYN, Reproductive Endocrinologist, Endoscope Surgery and Reproductive Health Centre Junona, Tbilisi, Georgia

OBGYN, Reproductive Endocrinologist, Jerusalem Medical Centre (JMC),
Tbilisi, Georgia.

1998 – 2005 OBGYN in Ambulatory, Marneuli.

1998 – 2004 Head of Ambulatory – Tamaris dispensary, Marneuli.

1996 – 1998 Gynecologist in Didi Muganlo Ambulatory, Marneuli.

Dr. D. H. Mcculloh 

(Scientific and Clinical Director)

American embryologist Dr. David H. Mcculloh, Ph.D. H.C.L.D., C.C. He Holds a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland and Research Associate Professor.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, NYU Langone Medical Center. 

Dr. Mccullohis an Associate Professor at Dept. OB/GYN and Women’s Health, New Jersey Medical School, UMDNY, and he is also the director of the Endocrinology laboratory at Biogenetics Corporation, New Jersey, USA.

Dr. Mcculloh plays an important role as a staff member of the School of Medicine in New Jersey and at the University of Health Sciences, Oregon, Portland.

He has worked in the field of in vitro fertilization since 1983 and is the author of many scientific papers, books, and monographs.
Since 2012 Dr. Mccullohis supervisor and director of Clinical Science of Georgian-American Center for Reproductive Medicine, ReproART

Dr. Nino

Dr. Nino (Ph.D.) is a clinical embryologist working for more than 5 years in Embryology and Anthology.

She is a research scientist with more than 15 years of experience specializing in biomedical research, who has contributed to critical areas of Biology such as Immunology, Molecular Biology, Human and Animal Physiology, and Molecular Genetics.


1998-2003 – Graduate student, got Ph.D. The research was conducted at the Department of Psychiatry, NYU Langone Medical Center, New York, NY, USA, and Human and Animal Physiology, I. Beritashvili Institute of Physiology, Tbilisi, Georgia.

1996-1998 – Graduate student, got B.S. with honors from Pushchino State University Department of Physiology and Biophysics, Pushchino, Russia.

1986-1991  Graduate student, got B.S. with honors from Tbilisi State University, Department of Biology, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Professional experience:

2015-present – Senior clinical embryologist at Georgian-American Center for Reproductive Medicine “ReproART”.

2012-2014 – Clinical embryologist at Georgian-American Center for Reproductive Medicine “ReproART”.

2003-2008 – Postdoctoral Research Fellow at NYU Langone Medical Center, Department of Pathology, New York, NY, USA.

2000-2003 – Research Assistant at NYU Langone Medical Center, Department of Pathology, New York, NY, USA.

1998-2000 – Research Technician at NYU Langone Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry New York, NY, USA.

1996-1998 – Research Assistant at Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Laboratory of Tissue Engineering, Pushchino, Russia.

1991-1996 – Research Technician at I. Beritashvili Institute of Physiology, Georgian Academy of Sciences, Laboratory of Molecular Genetics, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Dr. Nita Content Writer at ARTbaby

Dr. Nita Sharma Das (Ph.D., ND., PHDHM., B.Pharm)

(Content Writer)

Dr. Nita is a medical writer with an experience of more than 17 years in the Indian healthcare industry with a strong niche in healthcare writing.

She has previously worked as Lecturer in paramedical, clinical research, and pharmacy institutes.

Her area of interest includes writing healthcare articles, medical e-books, nursing tutorials, and promotional and training materials for the pharmaceutical industry.

She has regular publications in renowned national and international magazines for various disease profiles and treatment options, home remedies, health fitness regimes, and wellbeing.

She is doing many significant articles in the space of Women’s health and life care.