February 18, 2016

About Us

Surrogacy clinic in Georgia

We are keen to provide the best surrogacy solutions at our surrogacy clinic in Georgia to childless people in a very convenient way for to complete their family with our five years of global experience in providing infertility treatment.

Our Mission

The mission of ARTbaby is to assist childless couples to achieve their goals of building a family through surrogacy and egg donation. We firmly believe that surrogacy and egg donation is the last & only hope available to the childless after several failed IVF cycles or as indicated as the last resort by the treating IVF specialist.

With our several years of expertise, we can assure that the childless couples have a great experience throughout the surrogacy & IVF donor cycle. We also assure for full honesty, confidentiality, and transparency throughout the process and thereafter.
ARTbaby Surrogacy & Egg donation Centre focuses on reducing the anxiety that is normally an indispensable part of the IVF treatment. Our committed is to providing the highest quality treatment through our experienced & qualified IVF specialists and paramedical staff.


Ravi Sharma: – Bachelor in Pharmacy & MBA (Marketing)ARTbaby surrogacy centre Georgia Director

Ravi Sharma is a self-motivated young entrepreneur. He is a Bachelor in Pharmacy with MBA in Marketing. 

He has dedicated his life to the sufferings of the childless couples and individuals.

He is never tired of assisting people, surrogates and egg donors and made his available for them 24X7. He is working in the segment of Infertility treatment for 8 years.

He is associated with the successful launch of Medical Tourism Company offers assistance in various infertility treatment options.

Surrogacy Centre Georgia offers travel donors program and surrogacy options to the clients worldwide. He has written various articles on Surrogacy and Egg donation based up his practical experience touching the life of surrogates mothers, egg donors, and the Indented Parents. 

He is a true professional with a great human touch and feels. With his dream & commitment towards creating families for all, he has a clear focus on providing products, services & knowledge in the fertility field.

Regional Co-coordinator


She is Masters in economics & finance having more than 10 years of working experience. She speaks English & Georgian


Patient Coordinator


She is young, caring and good at hospitality. She had 3 years of experience as a Patient Coordinator. She speaks English & Georgian.