Normal surrogacy plan vs guaranteed surrogacy, babay

Normal surrogacy vs guaranteed surrogacy plan

Donor egg is included under the guaranteed surrogacy package whereas the procedure of using surrogacy via own eggs undertaking a single IVF attempt is a normal surrogacy package. The success rate is higher in the case of a guaranteed surrogacy package than in a normal surrogacy package. The Guaranteed program is attractive for intended parents Read more about Normal surrogacy vs guaranteed surrogacy plan[…]

Surrogacy age requirements

Surrogacy and legal age

Surrogacy is viewed as philanthropic when the Surrogate offers to convey the offspring of the charging couple in her belly simply out of adoration for themselves and compassion for their need to have a kid. At the point when cash is paid to the surrogate for her administration, it is taken as a demonstration of Read more about Surrogacy and legal age[…]


Role of the Cryo-preservation in the fertility sector

Cryopreservation is the frozen state of biological samples to preserve their viability over an extended period. Cryopreservation technology comes under cryobiology, which means biology that studies the effects of low temperatures. The path-breaking advancement in the fertility sector was achieved through the cryopreservation of gonadal tissue (ovarian and testicular tissues), gametes (sperm and oocytes), and Read more about Role of the Cryo-preservation in the fertility sector[…]

surrogacy pregnancy complexities

Surrogacy brings complex ethical issues around gender, payment, exploitation

Clinically surrogacy is a treatment option for infertile couples or single individuals who want to be a parent but are unable to carry the pregnancy. This may occur due to complexity in reproductive functioning or physiology not allowed to do so. Surrogacy is also considered as an alternative to the traditional adoption process, which allows Read more about Surrogacy brings complex ethical issues around gender, payment, exploitation[…]

Surrogacy and medical tests

Medical Tests required in surrogacy

Part of the method involved with becoming a surrogate mother is clinical screening. Underneath you will find a blueprint of the strategies associated with the cycle, including all tests required. Before being acknowledged into a surrogacy program, you should go through a particular arrangement of operations. The point here is to ensure that you are Read more about Medical Tests required in surrogacy[…]

Parents with baby pic for surrogacy expectations

Expectations of intended parents in surrogacy

Surrogacy is a type of third-party assisted reproductive technology (ART). In this procedure, sincere involvement in the medical process is the utmost requirement from both the surrogate and intended parents to obtain a successful result. Following are some activities one needs to do during surrogacy planning: Finding a surrogacy attorney and negotiating a contract by Read more about Expectations of intended parents in surrogacy[…]

Designer baby myths and reality and surrogacy

Designer baby myths and reality in surrogacy

Throughout the long-term, we have heard many things about surrogacy, and surrogate mother by and large, that are myths. Frequently these things are said by individuals who don’t have surrogacy knowledge, or why women become surrogate. You might have heard individuals suggesting that surrogacy are unscrupulous, or that the ladies becoming surrogates are selling their Read more about Designer baby myths and reality in surrogacy[…]

Becoming a surrogate mother

Risk and Complications Associated with Surrogate Mothers

Surrogacy is mostly considered the safest option for people who want to have babies. There are cases when the original mother faces health problems that may get elevated during the time of pregnancy and/or childbirth or are physically unable to do so. Sometimes even male problems like poor sperm count or quality can affect pregnancy. Read more about Risk and Complications Associated with Surrogate Mothers[…]

Gamete intrafallopian transfer(GIFT) pictorial rep

Gamete intrafallopian transfer(GIFT)

Define GIFT?  GIFT is a clinical procedure under assisted reproductive technology. In this process, eggs collected from a woman’s ovary have mixed with sperm obtained from a male partner in a clinical laboratory and immediately placed into the fallopian tube of the intended mother for fertilization is termed as gamete intra-fallopian transfer. Is GIFT different Read more about Gamete intrafallopian transfer(GIFT)[…]

Pregnant woman; Surrogacy Effects

Is there any side effect of surrogacy?

Like natural pregnancy, surrogacy also brings both physical and emotional changes due to hormonal alterations required to prepare women’s physiology to carry the fetus and support the growth of the fetus. Therefore, weight gain, nausea, heartburn, back pain, and swelling are some common side effects of surrogacy as traditional pregnancy. Rarely, serious complications like hypertension Read more about Is there any side effect of surrogacy?[…]