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IMSI and IVM: Less discussed Assisted reproductive techniques

Introduction of the motile sperm organelle morphology examination (MSOME) uses high-power differential interference contrast optics, which allow implementing a new method of assisted reproduction technology (ART), known as the intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI). There are different male fertility predictors including age, sperm quality parameters, DNA fragmentation, fertilization method, and free radicals level. Apart Read more about IMSI and IVM: Less discussed Assisted reproductive techniques[…]

Georgian Surrogate Motherhood

Georgian surrogate motherhood is a legal surrogacy practice. Ministry of Health also supports to run this novel fertility treatment. Georgian surrogate motherhood is a great benefit for infertile couples to get their biological children. Previously, Georgian people unaware of this practice. But soon after fertility clinicians started surrogacy centers and local media had covered the Read more about Georgian Surrogate Motherhood[…]

育儿, 代孕如何运作?

How does surrogacy work?

Surrogacy can be simply defined as the process of giving birth to a child after completing the whole gestational period successfully for an infertile couple. This process gradually gets public as well as legal acceptance in some country as it assists to build-up a family for an infertile couple.  Surrogacy is an alternative option for Read more about How does surrogacy work?[…]

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Georgia: A Surrogacy in India alternative

Fertility tourism becomes a booming industry as the infertility issues raise day by day. The fertility treatment approach is greatly changed after gradual advancement in Assisted Reproductive technology. Media coverage showcases the success story of different techniques of ART, which increase awareness among the general population. Nowadays, people open up enough to discuss this topic. Read more about Georgia: A Surrogacy in India alternative[…]

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Assisted reproduction techniques for surrogate pregnancy

A variety of assisted reproductive techniques are included in the fertility treatment to increase the scope of conceiving. Egg and sperm donation, insemination of gamete, intrauterine insemination, and intracytoplasmic sperm injection are some less complicated assisted reproductive techniques. But surrogacy is relatively complicated assisted reproductive technique. Multiple processes may include completing the surrogacy depending upon Read more about Assisted reproduction techniques for surrogate pregnancy[…]

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Domestic vs cross border surrogacy

In some countries, surrogacy process is well regulated. People belong to such countries can avail domestic surrogacy. However, the purpose of international travel for opting cross broader surrogacy is also common nowadays. The reason for cross-border surrogacy varies. Some intended parents prefer to cross-border surrogacy to find out a suitable match, but some need to Read more about Domestic vs cross border surrogacy[…]

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Emotional aspects of intended parents

Recently, the increasing prevalence of infertility is widely solved by using gestational surrogacy. The intended parents have motivated to involve in this complex reproductive technique as they desire to create a family and enjoy their parenthood with their biological child/children. Conventionally it is true that people believe that love and affection are more with their Read more about Emotional aspects of intended parents[…]

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Medical indication for surrogate pregnancy

Doctors usually recommended surrogate pregnancy due to certain women’s reproductive health issues, which either may due to the absence of the uterus or functional problems in the uterus.  Medical surrogate pregnancy also requires certain other special cases apart from these health-related disorders. Absence or underdeveloped uterus Uterus present in women reproductive system plays a major Read more about Medical indication for surrogate pregnancy[…]

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Surrogate mother: praiseworthy or stigmatized

There are some studies conducted in countries like Greece, the UK, Australia, Sweden evaluated the public opinion about surrogacy. But this does not provide sufficient global data, as such studies are not yet conducted in countries like India. Resultant of this, many surrogates have reported that they are often stigmatized because surrogacy is widely believed Read more about Surrogate mother: praiseworthy or stigmatized[…]

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