Surrogacy agency process management

Role of a surrogacy agency in the surrogacy process 

Surrogacy is a type of third-party assisted reproductive technology (ART). In this procedure, sincere involvement in the medical process is the utmost requirement from both the surrogate and intended parents to obtain a successful result. Following are some activities one needs to do during surrogacy planning: Finding a surrogacy attorney and negotiating a contract by Read more about Role of a surrogacy agency in the surrogacy process […]

Surrogacy in newzealand

Surrogacy in New Zealand

Surrogacy in New Zealand is high-quality and available to New Zealanders. There are numerous network-run online groups that you can be part of that will help you in assembling implicit surrogates. Those include. New Zealand has legal guidelines which permit conventional or gravid surrogacy, no matter the reality that doesn’t permit payments to surrogates or any surrogacy business enterprise guide with reclamation and handling of the journey.  Introductory principles  New Zealand observes a hard and fast of introductory ideas.  The supposed dad and mom aren’t worth holding a toddler themselves. Read more about Surrogacy in New Zealand[…]

Surrogacy and intended parents

Role of intended parents throughout surrogacy process

The primary role of intended parents in the initial phase of surrogacy is good planning for a successful surrogacy journey.  Methodological responsibility  Surrogacy planning is a huge task that involves a number of legal, medical, and procedural requirements. All these activities require lots of time to communicate and coordinate with professionals and surrogate mothers. Following Read more about Role of intended parents throughout surrogacy process[…]

Pregnant woman for post surrogacy in Cambodia

Surrogacy in Cambodia

Surrogacy was restricted in Cambodia in November 2016 by the Ministry of Public Health (prakas, signed on 24 October 2016). Article 12 of this practice reads: “Surrogacy, which is considered one of the hard and fast offers to have a child through assisted reproduction technology, is strictly prohibited”. Available information indicates that a total of Read more about Surrogacy in Cambodia[…]

Georgia surrogacy destination

How Georgia became a famous surrogacy destination?

Compensated surrogacy is legally accepted in Georgia since 1997 by the law. International Commercial Surrogacy facilitates surrogacy tourism to intended parents. The increasing infertility rate and expensive cost of surrogacy in western countries had made Georgia a preferable surrogacy tourism site. International infertile couples or people who desire to be single parents often prefer to Read more about How Georgia became a famous surrogacy destination?[…]

Happy woman for the post What motivates a woman to become a surrogate mother?

What motivates a woman to become a surrogate mother?

Surrogacy is a noble invention of assisted reproductive technology (ART). Many involuntarily childless couples from all over the globe want to opt for surrogacy. In surrogacy, a gestational surrogate plays a major role in the whole treatment procedure. A gestational surrogate is a woman who carries the embryo in her womb and delivers a baby Read more about What motivates a woman to become a surrogate mother?[…]

Surrogacy in Malaysia

Surrogacy in Malaysia

The modern medical science, especially to aid the reproductive generation, has made the law obsolete in many jurisdictions in the industry, including Malaysia. Approximately 15 percent of the population in Malaysia16 is infertile. A daily sentence piece report on July 12, 2009 indicated a UN record that states that the US fertility fee has fallen Read more about Surrogacy in Malaysia[…]

Surrogacy alternative

Is there any alternative to Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is one of the debatable fertility treatments under assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs). The involvement of a third party throughout the birth of a child raises many social and ethical questions. But surrogacy gives a chance to infertile couples who are unsuccessful to have their biological child/ children through other fertility treatment options including IVF Read more about Is there any alternative to Surrogacy?[…]

Surrogate mother emotions

Emotional status of surrogate mothers

The Assisted reproductive technology (ART)  considers the involvement of surrogate mothers as a third party. This is highly controversial; however a widespread method. The emotional motivation differs from every individual surrogate mother, which drives them to become a surrogate. The different motivational drives are financial gain, the pleasure of pregnancy and giving birth, sublime feelings, Read more about Emotional status of surrogate mothers[…]

Different fertility options and surrogacy

Surrogacy VS Fertility treatments

Two conventional fertility treatments are usually recommended to treat infertility, which include medication therapy and surgical intervention. Different therapeutic and surgical interventions are available for male and female infertile patients. However, failure of this conventional treatment or in unfeasible situations embryo implantation through assisted reproductive technology can also be recommended for a successful pregnancy. Female Read more about Surrogacy VS Fertility treatments[…]