Georgian Surrogate Motherhood

Georgian surrogate motherhood is a legal surrogacy practice. Ministry of Health also supports to run this novel fertility treatment. Georgian surrogate motherhood is a great benefit for infertile couples to get their biological child. Previously, Georgian people unaware of this practice. But soon after fertility clinicians started surrogacy centers and local media had covered the Read more about Georgian Surrogate Motherhood[…]

Transnational Surrogacy, Citizenship, and International Scenario

The traditional citizenship signifies two factors like right to soil and right to blood. In the traditional aspect, citizenship is one of the big challenges in surrogacy. In many cases, the argument for legal citizenship had a question marked in surrogacy.   Different country-specific issues are highlighted during these arguments. A Permanent Bureau 2014 study Read more about Transnational Surrogacy, Citizenship, and International Scenario[…]

Couple pregnancy psychology and surrogate

Social and Psychological impact with surrogacy

Surrogacy is a complex process not only due to the medical complex process involved in this technique, but social and psychological issues have also impact. These always create a debate of the acceptance of surrogacy legally, socially and ethically.   In normal pregnancy process, couples carrying their biological offspring by their own to build up Read more about Social and Psychological impact with surrogacy[…]

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How you can boost your fertility?

It is surprising that in the present date, one in seven couples struggle to conceive naturally. Some couples have a genuine fertility problem, but some do not get the proper medical reason for this obstruction. Your lifestyle plays an important role in your fertility. Sometime simple lifestyle changes can boost your fertility and conceive naturally. Read more about How you can boost your fertility?[…]

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Surrogacy Services Podcast | ARbaby Georgia

ARTbaby has Global operations started way back in 2011. In Brief, we provide all third party reproduction services under one roof including Surrogacy, IVF, egg donation, the surrogate mothers, etc. We provide legal and easy surrogacy contract that helps you hassle-free exit to your home country with the baby. We have the largest proven egg Read more about Surrogacy Services Podcast | ARbaby Georgia[…]

Girl in Traffic and air pollution, sadness, infertility

Air pollution triggers early infertility in females: Experts

A recently published article in the Independent, UK  paper magazine revealed a study report which provides the information that exposure to polluted air in the traffic-congested roads could reduce the fertility duration of females.  Nowadays, the number of working women is increasing. It is quite common in the daily routine that we stuck into traffic-congested Read more about Air pollution triggers early infertility in females: Experts[…]

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Keto diet and pregnancy

Keto diet or Ketogenic diet is a combination of low carb with high fat and adequate protein-containing food items. In this present era, the keto diet is one of the popular diet plans follows the young adult generation for weight management and bodybuilding purposes. In traditional medicinal practice, the keto diet usually recommended for intractable Read more about Keto diet and pregnancy[…]

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Reasons for IVF Failure

Unfortunately, every IVF treatment does not give a successful result. It is already well established that women under 35 years of age have a higher success rate, i.e. almost 40%. IVF failure often causes an emotional breakdown. Affected couples have become frustrated, irritated, and discouraged. Sometimes, couples blame each other. In some cases, they even Read more about Reasons for IVF Failure[…]

Pregnant lady ultrasound report. Pic for Myth: Baby boy or Girl

Myth or fact: Conceiving boy or girl

Along with a healthy baby born, couples when trying for their family building, they also desire to have selected gender-specific birth. From ancient history, some tips had followed to have a boy or girl child to balance the family. However, some of these tips have followed from generation to generation without scientific evidence yet prove Read more about Myth or fact: Conceiving boy or girl[…]

human Sperm fertilizes egg process - IVF success (pregnancy)

Smart Sperm selection improves IVF success rate

Sperm selection is an integral part of the IVF process. One of the success keys of IVF is the isolation of viable,  motile and morphologically normal sperm from the semen sample. Sperm selection is an integral part of the IVF process. One of the success keys of IVF is the isolation of viable,  motile and Read more about Smart Sperm selection improves IVF success rate[…]