Egg freezing agency _ Easter egg pic in snow

Things you need to know before approaching an egg freezing agency?

Egg freezing gives an opportunity for women to preserve their reproductive ability without worrying biological clock. But the following are some important information require to collect before approaching an egg freezing agency: What is egg freezing? Clinically egg freezing is also termed as Oocyte cryopreservation. It involves hormonal stimulation for multiple eggs production in the[…]

Platonic Parenting - for the baby

What Is Platonic Parenting?

At times the parenting decision is taken to raise a child with a partner to without an intimate or romantic relationship. This concept is termed ‘platonic parenting ‘or ‘poly-parenting’.  Many people in Western countries, opt for platonic parenting option with their co-partner to get a complete family without any romantic involvement. Platonic parenting has gained[…]