Surrogacy and normal pregnancy

What are the differences between surrogacy and normal pregnancy?

In the past, childless infertility issues are untreatable. But medical science advancement offers different fertility treatments. Surrogacy is a type of assisted reproductive technology (ART) which is considered as a reproductive treatment option for couples who want to build their family, but unable to do so due to their reproductive system disorders. Following are some Read more about What are the differences between surrogacy and normal pregnancy?[…]

Parent holding a pair of kids shoe. Surrogacy in Georgia for parenthood.

Why Georgia, Europe for surrogacy?

Compensated surrogacy is legally accepted in Georgia since 1997. Georgian law declared that the surrogate mother does not have any right over the delivered child. Georgian law allows surrogacy only for intended parents who are legally married and heterosexual. It has the advantage of opting for surrogacy from Tbilisi clinics because intended parents will be Read more about Why Georgia, Europe for surrogacy?[…]

World Embryologists Day: All about age, semen and eggs that spell success in IVF, world IVF day

Happy World Embryologists Day!

The date of July 25th is celebrated as the World Embryologists as The first IVF baby, Louise Joy Brown, who was born in 1978 and this was a breakthrough in reproductive medicine. This day is celebrated for the healthcare workers who are working in the field of reproductive medicine. As of November 10.1977, Louise Joy Read more about Happy World Embryologists Day![…]

covid 19 surrogacy health worker

Surrogacy put on hold due to COVID-19 for the entire year of 2020 for safety of surrogates

The surrogacy and assisted reproductive technology world has significantly impacted by COVID-19 pandemic condition. Surrogacy is teamwork of agency, clinical service, legal service, and insurance providers. The whole surrogacy process requires proper planning and execution through the mutual effort of each of the department. Therefore, it cannot happen overnight. Conduction of surrogacy requires extra care Read more about Surrogacy put on hold due to COVID-19 for the entire year of 2020 for safety of surrogates[…]

Surrogacy alternative

Is there any alternative to Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is one of the debatable fertility treatments under assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs). The involvement of a third party throughout the birth of a child raises many social and ethical questions. But surrogacy gives a chance to infertile couples who are unsuccessful to have their biological child/ children through other fertility treatment options including IVF Read more about Is there any alternative to Surrogacy?[…]

Georgia for Surrogacy Services, Subrogada en Georgia

Top Reasons to opt for Georgian Surrogacy clinics

Georgia(Country) is best known for affordable Surrogacy is the right choice to fulfill their desire and to make their dream come true. Intended parents and couples, single parents, and those who are planning to form a family through surrogacy. Where a surrogate mother in Georgia helps them for a noble cause and some financial benefits. Read more about Top Reasons to opt for Georgian Surrogacy clinics[…]

becoming a gestational surrogate in Georgia

Becoming a gestational surrogate in Georgia: Criteria and Conditions

If you are planning to become a surrogate mother to earn a lot of blessings and appreciation form the intended parents for making their families complete and at the same time want to earn a good amount of money to give strong financial stability to your family, you will have some better options of fulfilling Read more about Becoming a gestational surrogate in Georgia: Criteria and Conditions[…]

Pregnant woman; Surrogacy Effects

Is there any side effect of surrogacy?

Like natural pregnancy, surrogacy also brings both physical and emotional changes due to hormonal alterations require to prepare women’s physiology to carry the fetus and support the growth of the fetus. Therefore, weight gain, nausea, heartburn, back pain, and swelling are some common side effects of surrogacy as traditional pregnancy. Rarely, serious complications like hypertension Read more about Is there any side effect of surrogacy?[…]