covid-19 and surrogacy

Covid-19 epidemic and Surrogacy industry?

The pandemic effect of coronavirus creates chaos in reproductive tourism and surrogacy treatment. Intended parents who have already opted cross broader reproductive traveling for surrogacy service after mid of 2019, they faced tremendous pressure, as sealing of international broader cannot stop or delay the expecting date of the birth of the child in the current Read more about Covid-19 epidemic and Surrogacy industry?[…]

What is the time-lapse technology used in IVF?

Although the IVF process had started decades ago. However, the advancement of this technology continues to overcome the loophole associated with its outcome. Time-lapse technology has invented in this decade to improve the outcome of the IVF treatment. In time-lapse technology, the images of embryos are collected at regular intervals by using cameras. In this Read more about What is the time-lapse technology used in IVF?[…]

IVF pregnancy testing

Testing For Pregnancy After In-Vitro Fertilization

The following are general tests conducted for confirmation of pregnancy after in-vitro fertilization. Blood test Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is recommended for approximately two weeks of embryo transfer. This test conducted by taking blood or urine samples of the patient. But the blood test provides the most authentic result instead of conducting a urine test Read more about Testing For Pregnancy After In-Vitro Fertilization[…]

IVF medication and how it works?

What are the medication used in IVF and how they work?

In the IVF cycle, several medications are used which belong to different categories to stimulate the cycle. But the dose and types of medication prescribed for any intended mother depends upon the selected treatment protocol by the IVF expert she had contacted.   Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH Agonist) Hypothalamus a small region of the brain from where Read more about What are the medication used in IVF and how they work?[…]

Breastfeeding in Surrogacy

Breastfeeding in Surrogacy

From ancient times, humans have utilized several methods to fight against fertility. Surrogacy, an assisted reproductive technique is the modern medical approach to overcome infertility issues. In this process, a woman agrees to become pregnant and carry the fetus on behalf of the intended mother and handover the neonate to the intended parents for their Read more about Breastfeeding in Surrogacy[…]

gecikmiş çocuk doğumu sorunu

What are the problems associated with delayed childbearing?

Individual preference differs to start a family. However, it is important to obtain complete knowledge about the consequences of free choices.  The appropriate information needs to provide women with the possible results of a choice to delay motherhood. In the current decade, women have the impression that the ticking of female biological clock can be Read more about What are the problems associated with delayed childbearing?[…]

ivf success and fire redundant items household

Do household flame retardant items reduce IVF success rate?

You may surprise to know that flame retardants commonly obtain from household items are the culprit of the IVF success reduction rate. Organophosphate flame retardants are used on furniture, gym mats, and other household products. A research finding first indicated that organophosphate flame retardants interfere with the female reproductive outcome.  The researcher of this study Read more about Do household flame retardant items reduce IVF success rate?[…]

patient-tourists and the reproductive tourism

Perspective of the patient-tourists on the reproductive tourism

“Cross-border reproductive care” is the primary perspective of the patient’s travels to receive fertility treatment. Since the last three decades, the popularity of assisted reproduction has been significantly enhanced. The outlook on life has changed. This not only modifies lifestyle, but increasing societal pressure, and awareness from readily available information are the factors responsible for Read more about Perspective of the patient-tourists on the reproductive tourism[…]