Blood impurities and infertility

Introduction: Infertility is a complex medical issue affecting millions of individuals and couples worldwide. While the causes of infertility can be multifaceted, recent research has shed light on the potential role of blood impurities in contributing to this condition. In this article, we delve into the connection between blood impurities and infertility, exploring the underlying Read more about Blood impurities and infertility[…]

Rare blood types and infertility pic blood flow

Rare blood and infertility

Infertility is a complex and emotionally challenging issue that affects many couples around the world. While numerous factors contribute to infertility, one often overlooked aspect is the impact of rare blood types. This article explores the intersection between rare blood types and infertility, shedding light on the challenges couples may face and the potential solutions Read more about Rare blood and infertility[…]

body temperature vs infertility

Infertility and body temperature

Infertility is a challenging and emotionally charged condition that affects millions of couples worldwide. While various factors contribute to infertility, recent research has unveiled a fascinating connection between body temperature and reproductive health. This article delves into the intricate relationship between infertility and body temperature, shedding light on how the body’s thermogenic processes may influence Read more about Infertility and body temperature[…]

Sexual disorder in men

Sexual disorders in Men and infertility

Infertility influences up to 12% of all men, and sexual disorder happens frequently in men of reproductive age, causing infertility at some times. In infertile men, hypoactive sexual choice and shortage of sexual pleasure are the most everyday varieties of sexual dysfunction, starting from 8.9% to 68. 7%. Erectile disorder and/or premature ejaculation, evaluated with Read more about Sexual disorders in Men and infertility[…]

Main causes of infertility in the young generation in 2018

Main causes of infertility in the young generation

Infertility can be defined as the failure to conceive after frequent intercourse. Both female and male reproductive functionality disorders are equally responsible for infertility in the young generation. In the present era, a vastly modified lifestyle to cope-up with the trend can be a considerable factor for infertility. Female infertility causes Females carry the fetus Read more about Main causes of infertility in the young generation[…]

Common female fertility problems

Common female fertility problems

Fifty percent of infertility problems arise due to female fertility issues. The exact underlying female fertility problem is difficult to identify. But usually, the problem diagnoses when difficulty arises to conceive. The irregularity of the menstrual cycle, prolonged menstruation, or shortening of menstruation are some symptoms that may be associated with female fertility problems. But Read more about Common female fertility problems[…]

Body fluids and fertility img water hands

Body fluids and fertility 

Cervical mucus is a kind of frame fluid that discharges from the vagina and is a signal of everyday ovulation. One technique of fertility tracking makes use of modifications in cervical mucus to are expecting ovulation. Women`s fertility may be assessed thru cervical fluid. The watery, skinny, and slippery cervical fluid which can seem much Read more about Body fluids and fertility¬†[…]

New upcoming fertility treatments in 2023

Biobag is designed to gestate babies who would otherwise be extremely prematurely born, at the cusp of viability, which is currently around 23 to 24 weeks gestation. Biobag is the advanced alternative to the incubator. In 2018, Telfer and co-creators revealed that they had, interestingly, effectively developed human oocytes in vitro (beforehand, this had just Read more about New upcoming fertility treatments in 2023[…]

Fertility surgeries

Fertility related surgeries

Surrogacy is the chance for couples or individuals who might not otherwise get a chance to become parents of a baby with the same genetic heritage. Thousands of healthy babies have born through surrogacy in recent years. The advancement of medical technology makes it possible. Many celebrities opt for surrogacy to become parents. They open Read more about Fertility related surgeries[…]

Different fertility options and surrogacy

Surrogacy VS Fertility treatments

Two conventional fertility treatments are usually recommended to treat infertility, which include medication therapy and surgical intervention. Different therapeutic and surgical interventions are available for male and female infertile patients. However, failure of this conventional treatment or in unfeasible situations embryo implantation through assisted reproductive technology can also be recommended for a successful pregnancy. Female Read more about Surrogacy VS Fertility treatments[…]