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Medical indication for surrogate pregnancy

Doctors usually recommended surrogate pregnancy due to certain women’s reproductive health issues, which either may due to the absence of the uterus or functional problems in the uterus.  Medical surrogate pregnancy also requires certain other special cases apart from these health-related disorders. Absence or underdeveloped uterus Uterus present in women reproductive system plays a major Read more about Medical indication for surrogate pregnancy[…]

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Air pollution triggers early infertility in females: Experts

A recently published article in the Independent, UK  paper magazine revealed a study report which provides the information that exposure to polluted air in the traffic-congested roads could reduce the fertility duration of females.  Nowadays, the number of working women is increasing. It is quite common in the daily routine that we stuck into traffic-congested Read more about Air pollution triggers early infertility in females: Experts[…]

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Mother and fetus genetic relation with birth weight

A recent research study published in Nature Genetics reported a novel approach, which has represented a complex relationship between a maternal and fetal genetic relationship with the birth of the newborn. This is a large scale study and conducted with the help of collaboration of renowned International universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Queensland, and Exeter. Read more about Mother and fetus genetic relation with birth weight[…]

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Progesterone treatment and childbirth

Overview The role of progesterone is so vital in childbirth that it recognizes as the pregnancy hormone. This hormone naturally secreted from the corpus luteum for  10 to 14 days until the placenta it’s functioning. In between 7 to 9 week of gestational period, the placenta is formed and maintain the pregnancy. Progesterone helps in Read more about Progesterone treatment and childbirth[…]

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Details of Non-invasive prenatal testing

What is Noninvasive prenatal testing? Read Also: Frequently Asked Questions related to surrogacy Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) is a screening test to determine the risk genetic abnormalities of the fetus. In this test method, a small fragment of DNA is analyzed, which is circulated in the maternal blood. This small fragment of DNA is floated Read more about Details of Non-invasive prenatal testing[…]

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Labor pain management in Surrogacy

In surrogacy, it is a mutual decision between surrogate and clinician about the delivery. Legally the developing fetus is the part of women’s body. Therefore the surrogate has the right to accept or refuse any medication or medical procedure during the child delivery. During the consent signature, the decision related to the preferred place of Read more about Labor pain management in Surrogacy[…]

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Food habits and fertility

Our internal physiological parameters are the regulating factors of fertility ability. It is a fact that aging diminishes fertility ability and that is uncontrollable. But our food habit can manipulate some of the internal physiological parameters and can support or damage fertility. A healthy weight is essential for females to conceive and to create a Read more about Food habits and fertility[…]

Main causes of infertility in the young generation in 2018

Main causes of infertility in the young generation

Infertility can be defined as failure to conceive after frequent intercourse. Both female and male reproductive functionality disorders are equally responsible for infertility in the young generation. In the present era, vastly modified lifestyle to cope-up with the trend can be a considerable factor for infertility. Female infertility causes Females carry the fetus and deliver Read more about Main causes of infertility in the young generation[…]

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The negative effect of smoking on female and male fertility

It is very surprising when we checked the global female smokers numbers have reached approximately 250 million (WHO), whereas one-third of male smoke tobacco. Are you also a female smoker? Then before you burn another cigarette, you follow this content. Because cigarette smoking not only herm your heart, lung or a vascular problem, but also Read more about The negative effect of smoking on female and male fertility[…]