Don’t give up. You will be a mother

Waiting for a baby for a long period of time is really tough. Especially, when every natural process fails to give you the good news of becoming a mother. The pain of infertility often leads to emotional distress. Child adoption is always open for every individual, but become a mother of own child never comparable Read more about Don’t give up. You will be a mother[…]

Covid-19 survivor and pregnancy issues

Covid-19 survivor and fertility issues

The COVID 19 infection occurs because of SARS-CoV-2 invades the lungs and normal immune functioning disrupts. The lower respiratory tract tissue becomes damage and that causes pneumonia, cough, fever, etc. During coughing mucus excrete out through sputum. Some COVID-19 patients are experiencing excretion of blood during coughing (haemoptysis). Apart from respiratory damage, neurological illnesses, hepatocellular Read more about Covid-19 survivor and fertility issues[…]

Taşıyıcı hamileliğin zorlukları

The challenges of a surrogacy pregnancy

The journey of surrogacy pregnancy has many challenges. The knowledge of these challenges helps women to decide and continue the surrogacy program. Surrogacy is not only to carry a baby for someone else, but it has similar physical and mental changes associated with a natural pregnancy. In addition, IVF treatment and legal procedures are extra Read more about The challenges of a surrogacy pregnancy[…]

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Medical indication for surrogate pregnancy

Doctors usually recommended surrogate pregnancy due to certain women’s reproductive health issues, which either may be due to the absence of the uterus or functional problems in the uterus.  Medical surrogate pregnancy also requires certain other special cases apart from these health-related disorders. Absence or underdeveloped uterus Uterus present in women’s reproductive system plays a Read more about Medical indication for surrogate pregnancy[…]

Infertility treatments and alternative options in 2019 Image | Green leaf and medicine

Infertility treatments and alternative options in 2021

Thousands of couples seek infertility treatment to resolve conceiving issues or achieve childbearing capacity. The conventional treatment options have complex procedures and country-specific infertility treatment guidelines should be referred to before initiating treatment. However, there is no specific medical recommendation related to treatment commencement, definite diagnostic test or termination of treatment, etc. The infertility treatment Read more about Infertility treatments and alternative options in 2021[…]

What kind of uterus problems cause infertility in Women?

Uterine disorders can impact female fertility. Often uterine problems lead to implantation difficulty or increase the tendency of miscarriage.    Uterine fibroid or myomas can be benign tumors or polyps. Therefore, they are noncancerous outgrowth in the inner wall of the uterus. This type of growth can cause blockage in the fallopian tubes. Blockage of Read more about What kind of uterus problems cause infertility in Women?[…]

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Ectopic pregnancy

The implantation of zygotes outside the uterine cavity and pregnancy develops anywhere other than the endometrium lining of the uterine lining is termed as ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is a life-threatening condition and approximately a 2%  risk of this condition is associated with all pregnancy. Immediate medical assistance is required to take care of this Read more about Ectopic pregnancy[…]

Main causes of infertility in the young generation in 2018

Main causes of infertility in the young generation

Infertility can be defined as the failure to conceive after frequent intercourse. Both female and male reproductive functionality disorders are equally responsible for infertility in the young generation. In the present era, a vastly modified lifestyle to cope-up with the trend can be a considerable factor for infertility. Female infertility causes Females carry the fetus Read more about Main causes of infertility in the young generation[…]

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How to prolonging female reproductive life-span?

Women’s fertility has shapely declined after 35 years of age and completely lost by the age of 45. Over the past hundred years, tremendous medical advancement increases the woman’s lifespan for almost 30 years, whereas, the age of menopause has altered miserably by 3 to 4 years. In the context of the overall lifespan, a Read more about How to prolonging female reproductive life-span?[…]

What are the associated risks in surrogacy?

Surrogacy follows the same taxing process and all risks associated with the normal delivery process. Along with this, IVF related risk and legal contracts associated complications may create an extra burden for surrogates. Therefore, proper medical care for surrogate during pregnancy and labor is essential to avoid physical problems. Moreover, most of the surrogate mother Read more about What are the associated risks in surrogacy?[…]