Microsurgical laser assisted hatching

Microsurgical laser assisted hatching: An add-on to IVF success

Cellular microsurgery is a successful application of laser intervention in reproductive biology. Laser-assisted hatching applied in the IVF process for the embryo implantation in the uterus of the patient. In the IVF process, oocyte fertilization is the initial step. Sperm requires to enter through “zona pellucida” to fertilize the egg. Zona pellucida is the outer Read more about Microsurgical laser assisted hatching: An add-on to IVF success[…]

Main causes of infertility in the young generation in 2018

Main causes of infertility in the young generation

Infertility can be defined as failure to conceive after frequent intercourse. Both female and male reproductive functionality disorders are equally responsible for infertility in the young generation. In the present era, vastly modified lifestyle to cope-up with the trend can be a considerable factor for infertility. Female infertility causes Females carry the fetus and deliver Read more about Main causes of infertility in the young generation[…]

Risks associated with pregnancy after age of 50s

Risks associated with becoming a mother at or after 50

Becoming a mother is a proud moment for any lady after crossing a certain age group. However, it is better till the age 30-35. After crossing the age group, it is difficult to carry the pregnancy. But, for a considerable number of ladies, it is still a dream to become a parent, even after crossing Read more about Risks associated with becoming a mother at or after 50[…]

low surrogacy success rate

Low success rate in surrogacy (Birth) – Miscarriage could be the main cause

Surrogacy is one of the most life-changing decisions that you can make to start your family. Becoming surrogate is another main decision that a woman makes after keeping a number of points in mind. It is for those who are carrying someone else’s child – an emotionally taxing process, which comes with all of the Read more about Low success rate in surrogacy (Birth) – Miscarriage could be the main cause[…]

Oocyte freezing (easter egg)

Oocyte freezing explained

What is Oocyte freezing? Oocyte freezing is a process of preserving unfertile, viable eggs to retain female reproductive potentiality for later use. The entire process starts with producing eggs in the ovary through hormonal stimulation and transvaginal salvaging followed by freezing. The process completes with storing the viable eggs in the medical laboratory. These frozen Read more about Oocyte freezing explained[…]

options for Artificial Insemination : pictorial rep

Options for artificial insemination

Artificial insemination is the process of inserting sperm into woman’s womb for fertilization without involving sexual intercourse. Artificial insemination becomes popular, as the number of single mothers, gay and straight people want to get their own child. There are many options available for artificial insemination like IVF etc (later in this article). Apart from these, certain Read more about Options for artificial insemination[…]

Surrogate mother emotions

Emotional status of surrogate mothers

The Assisted reproductive technology (ART)  considers the involvement of surrogate mother as a third party. This is highly controversial; however a widespread method. The emotional motivation differs from every individual surrogate mother, which drive them to become surrogate. The different motivational drives are financial gain, the pleasure of pregnancy and giving birth, sublime feelings and Read more about Emotional status of surrogate mothers[…]

Questions That Egg Donors Should Ask

Field of fertility treatment has witnessed a huge and significant growth in last couple of years, especially with increasing interest among couples and intended parents who wants to have their child through any healthy and certain medical procedure. Now, it has become a trend to freeze eggs at the young age of 20 to 25 Read more about Questions That Egg Donors Should Ask[…]

fertility and food: painted fruits in spiral basket

Food habit and fertility

Our internal physiological parameters are the regulating factors of fertility ability. It is a fact that aging diminishes fertility ability and that is uncontrollable. But our food habit can manipulate some of the internal physiological parameters and can support or damage fertility. A healthy weight is essential for females to conceive and to create a Read more about Food habit and fertility[…]