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Preconception Counseling in Couples Undergoing Fertility Treatment

The importance of preconception counseling is huge in both maternal and fetal health during pregnancy and after delivery. Counseling before conception signifies the importance of perinatal care and maternal health before conceiving a child.  Preconception counseling increases the awareness of future parents on how to develop and maintain a healthy environment around the oocyte and Read more about Preconception Counseling in Couples Undergoing Fertility Treatment[…]

Czech Republic travel architecture

How CZECH republic became popular fertility tourism destination?

The CZECH Republic become a popular fertility destination for many Americans and British infertile populations. Governing body regulated almost thirty fertility clinics are located in the CZECH Republic. The Czech Society for Assisted Reproduction is the governing body involved in the management of these fertility clinics. Czech republic government provides the complete coverage of the Read more about How CZECH republic became popular fertility tourism destination?[…]

panic attack in pregnancy: Pic pregnant lady

Impact of panic attack in pregnancy

Panic is a feeling of fear about something which creates uneasiness. During pregnancy, such a panic condition is quite normal for every prospective mother. But the intensity of this feeling may mild to severe. The uncontrolled feeling of fear, which is frightening is known as a panic attack. Pregnancy-related anxiety often raises a guilty feeling Read more about Impact of panic attack in pregnancy[…]

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Significance of support system requires to pursue IVF cycle?

The decision making and conformity for IVF is a stressful challenge for the intended parents. The IVF cycle requires a huge support system to handle this stress level. However, the intended parents have to pass over a series of stressful situations before and during the initiation of the IVF cycle. Before you start your IVF Read more about Significance of support system requires to pursue IVF cycle?[…]

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Diet and exercise guide for IVF patient

Experts estimated that almost one in eight women has struggled to get pregnant. If you have planned to build your family and failed after trying the all-natural process to start your family, then in-vitro-fertilization (IVF) is the next option you can choose to obtain a biological baby.    In IVF, egg and sperm are collected Read more about Diet and exercise guide for IVF patient[…]

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Globalization of fertility tourism

The usual concept of tourism brings an image of pleasure. The primary aim of the tourism industry is to provide occupational services to tourists. But apart from pleasure, tourists can also travel for business purposes or health-related reasons. The concept of fertility tourism differs from the usual trips. Infertile couples travel cross-broader to obtain fertility Read more about Globalization of fertility tourism[…]

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What are the parameters while choosing surrogacy destination

Many countries ban surrogacy, while some of the destinations are ideal for conducting surrogacy. Therefore, an intended parent may need to search for domestic or international surrogacy. Being an intended parent’s most important decision is to the right selection of surrogacy destination. The selection of destination for surrogacy depends upon many factors which include professionalism Read more about What are the parameters while choosing surrogacy destination[…]