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Assisted reproduction techniques for surrogate pregnancy

A variety of assisted reproductive techniques are included in the fertility treatment to increase the scope of conceiving. Egg and sperm donation, insemination of gamete, intrauterine insemination, and intracytoplasmic sperm injection are some less complicated assisted reproductive techniques. But surrogacy is relatively complicated assisted reproductive technique. Multiple processes may include completing the surrogacy depending upon Read more about Assisted reproduction techniques for surrogate pregnancy[…]

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Domestic vs cross border surrogacy

In some countries, surrogacy process is well regulated. People belong to such countries can avail domestic surrogacy. However, the purpose of international travel for opting cross broader surrogacy is also common nowadays. The reason for cross-border surrogacy varies. Some intended parents prefer to cross-border surrogacy to find out a suitable match, but some need to Read more about Domestic vs cross border surrogacy[…]

Emotional aspects of intended parents

Recently, the increasing prevalence of infertility is widely solved by using gestational surrogacy. The intended parents have motivated to involve in this complex reproductive technique as they desire to create a family and enjoy their parenthood with their biological child/children. Conventionally it is true that people believe that love and affection are more with their Read more about Emotional aspects of intended parents[…]

Surrogate mother: praiseworthy or stigmatized

There are some studies conducted in countries like Greece, the UK, Australia, Sweden evaluated the public opinion about surrogacy. But this does not provide sufficient global data, as such studies are not yet conducted in countries like India. Resultant of this, many surrogates have reported that they are often stigmatized because surrogacy is widely believed Read more about Surrogate mother: praiseworthy or stigmatized[…]

Hindistan'da taşıyıcı vekil

Is surrogacy bill enough efficient to resolve the doubts raised by the medical fraternity in India?

This year, a panel in Parliament passed the Surrogacy bill. This  Bill creates a huge dilemma among the assisted reproductive technology (ART) practitioners and individuals who want to avail the fertility treatment through ART. The aim of passing this Bill is to regulate the ART clinics by restrictive practice. But the unnecessary regulatory provisions raise Read more about Is surrogacy bill enough efficient to resolve the doubts raised by the medical fraternity in India?[…]

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What is the point of view of the general population on surrogacy?

The most discussed topic in the medical field is about the advent of various new reproductive technologies. However, there are very fewer surveys conducted specifically on surrogacy, to confirm public attitudes about these technologies. There are two different sentiments usually important to evaluate. Those who worked as surrogates and those who utilize surrogacy technology. The Read more about What is the point of view of the general population on surrogacy?[…]

How surrogate mother can find out genuine intended parents?

This is a very common query for women who want to be a surrogate that how they can find out the genuine intended parents to serve their purpose. In this aspect, the surrogacy agency plays a major role. Surrogacy agency acts as a supportive pillar for both intended parents and surrogates. Surrogate can only find Read more about How surrogate mother can find out genuine intended parents?[…]