Mother and fetus genetic relation with birth weight

A recent research study published in Nature Genetics reported a novel approach, which has represented a complex relationship between a maternal and fetal genetic relationship with the birth of the newborn. This is a large scale study and conducted with the help of collaboration of renowned International universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Queensland, and Exeter. Read more about Mother and fetus genetic relation with birth weight[…]

Progesterone treatment and childbirth: Pic pregnant lady

Progesterone treatment and childbirth

Overview The role of progesterone is so vital in childbirth that it recognizes as the pregnancy hormone. This hormone is naturally secreted from the corpus luteum for  10 to 14 days until the placenta it’s functioning. In between 7 to 9 week of gestational period, the placenta is formed and maintain the pregnancy. Progesterone helps Read more about Progesterone treatment and childbirth[…]

Is male age factor has any effect on pregnancy?

Previously, we thought that only female age factor is important for pregnancy. But recent medical approach stated that biological clock is clicking for the male individual also. Delay fatherhood may affect the child as well as the partner’s health also. Journal Maturitas published a research review articles considering 40 years of research studies conducted to Read more about Is male age factor has any effect on pregnancy?[…]

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Details of Non-invasive prenatal testing

What is Noninvasive prenatal testing? Read Also: Frequently Asked Questions related to surrogacy Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) is a screening test to determine the risk genetic abnormalities of the fetus. In this test method, a small fragment of DNA is analyzed, which is circulated in the maternal blood. This small fragment of DNA is floated Read more about Details of Non-invasive prenatal testing[…]

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Food habits and fertility

Our internal physiological parameters are the regulating factors of fertility ability. It is a fact that aging diminishes fertility ability and that is uncontrollable. But our food habits can manipulate some of the internal physiological parameters and can support or damage fertility. A healthy weight is essential for females to conceive and to create a Read more about Food habits and fertility[…]