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A pregnancy planning guide

A significant change is noticeable in female health after delivering a baby. It is always suggested that if you and your partner want baby, then start with pregnancy planning with a health professional. A Pregnancy plan aims to create a healthy environment where the fetus can develop properly, avoid pregnancy-related complications and birth defects. The Read more about A pregnancy planning guide[…]

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Pregnancy Research Activities and Advances

Pregnancy research activities and advances are based on the improvement of the maternal and fetal health starting from before conception to two to three months after delivery of the child. In 2014, the Human Placenta Project launched for better understanding of the structure and function of the placenta in real time and also reduce the Read more about Pregnancy Research Activities and Advances[…]

A new era in Child birth. Pic. New born baby holding mother's finger

A new era in childbirth

Step by step improvement in human childbirth is significant throughout human evolution.  Before 1978, nobody has the idea that a child could birth through IVF. On 25th July 1978, Louise was the first girl child born through IVF with all the normal physical features. This medical advancement surprised whole human fraternity. However, this success story Read more about A new era in childbirth[…]

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Mother and fetus genetic relation with birth weight

A recent research study published in Nature Genetics reported a novel approach, which has represented a complex relationship between a maternal and fetal genetic relationship with the birth of the newborn. This is a large scale study and conducted with the help of collaboration of renowned International universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Queensland, and Exeter. Read more about Mother and fetus genetic relation with birth weight[…]

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Progesterone treatment and childbirth

Overview The role of progesterone is so vital in childbirth that it recognizes as the pregnancy hormone. This hormone naturally secreted from the corpus luteum for  10 to 14 days until the placenta it’s functioning. In between 7 to 9 week of gestational period, the placenta is formed and maintain the pregnancy. Progesterone helps in Read more about Progesterone treatment and childbirth[…]

Is male age factor has any effect on pregnancy?

Previously, we thought that only female age factor is important for pregnancy. But recent medical approach stated that biological clock is clicking for the male individual also. Delay fatherhood may affect the child as well as the partner’s health also. Journal Maturitas published a research review articles considering 40 years of research studies conducted to Read more about Is male age factor has any effect on pregnancy?[…]

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Labor pain management in Surrogacy

In surrogacy, it is a mutual decision between surrogate and clinician about the delivery. Legally the developing fetus is the part of women’s body. Therefore the surrogate has the right to accept or refuse any medication or medical procedure during the child delivery. During the consent signature, the decision related to the preferred place of Read more about Labor pain management in Surrogacy[…]

Pregnant lady Pic: Grandmother gives birth to her grandchild!

Grandmother gives birth to her grandchild!

The news ‘grandmother gives birth to her grandchild’ is heard like a science fiction story. But in reality, this news is genuine. The advancement of surrogacy treatment makes this possible, though the number is a handful. In 1987, a South African lady gave birth her own biological triplets grandchildren at the age of 48 years.  Read more about Grandmother gives birth to her grandchild![…]

Pregnancy and Role of Pelvis Exercise

Pregnancy and Role of Pelvis Exercise

Approximately 3% of pregnant women facing urinary incontinence during their gestational period. The negative impact of urinary incontinence is significant in their quality of life with respect to inconsistent physical activity, travel, social relationships, and emotional health. Pelvic floor muscle exercise is an effective treatment during pregnancy and has no significant adverse effects. Continence can Read more about Pregnancy and Role of Pelvis Exercise[…]

Egg Sharing

Is Joining egg sharing program lower the scope of Pregnancy?

Is sharing egg impact egg supply? Women with bellow 35 years of age produce surplus eggs can share with other women who unable to produce eggs in their ovary.  But may one query restrict potential egg donor to share her egg with others, i.e. is sharing egg harmful for future pregnancy of the egg donor? Read more about Is Joining egg sharing program lower the scope of Pregnancy?[…]