Pregnancy care working professionals

Pregnancy care for working professionals

Women can continue to work during their gestation. Still, with a growing belly, certain effects need to be taken care of at the plant so that the awaiting maters can feel safe and secure and continue to be working during this phase without causing risk in the pregnancy. Working while pregnant – especially during the Read more about Pregnancy care for working professionals[…]

What to avoid during pregnancy.

What to avoid during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time filled with joy—and also a lot of sacrifices. During pregnancy, women are responsible for another human being during these nine months, during the gestational period it has been encouraged to avoid certain precautions for the betterment of life.  Does this mean she has to say goodbye to everything that she loves Read more about What to avoid during pregnancy?[…]

Liquor consumption during e

Liquor and fertility

Excessive liquor consumption can lead to many diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, liver disease, abdominal bleeding, cancer (breast, mouth, throat, esophagus, liver, and colon), dementia, and other disorders. Mental, anxiety, depression, and social and economic loss such as relationship damage and job loss are other consequences of heavy drinking. Liquor use during pregnancy The Read more about Liquor and fertility[…]

pregnant surrogate mother

Labor pain management in Surrogacy

In surrogacy, it is a mutual decision between surrogate and clinician about the delivery. Legally the developing fetus is the part of women’s body. Therefore the surrogate has the right to accept or refuse any medication or medical procedure during the child delivery. During the consent signature, the decision related to the preferred place of Read more about Labor pain management in Surrogacy[…]

pregnancy: Sign and symptom, diagnosis and intervention of pre-term delivery

Sign and symptom, diagnosis and intervention of preterm delivery

Most of the preterm delivery occurs between 34 to 36 weeks when almost the development of the baby is completed. However, in some cases, some special medical care needs after premature delivery, which usually not a very much critical condition. Therefore, parents must not be panic about the threat of premature labor. But in the Read more about Sign and symptom, diagnosis and intervention of preterm delivery[…]

Gestational diabetes

What is Gestational diabetes? and what if a surrogate is affected?

In the surrogacy journey, one of the health concerns of the intended parent is the development of gestational diabetes to the surrogate mother. It is essential to know about gestational surrogacy and some essential knowledge on gestational diabetes in surrogacy. What is gestational diabetes? Diabetes diagnosed during pregnancy is clinically termed gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes Read more about What is Gestational diabetes? and what if a surrogate is affected?[…]

gebelikte panik atak

Impact of panic attack in pregnancy

Panic is a feeling of fear about something which creates uneasiness. During pregnancy, such a panic condition is quite normal for every prospective mother. But the intensity of this feeling may mild to severe. The uncontrolled feeling of fear, which is frightening is known as a panic attack. Pregnancy-related anxiety often raises a guilty feeling Read more about Impact of panic attack in pregnancy[…]

Hamilelik sırasında kahveden kaçının

Avoid coffee during pregnancy

Coffee is one of the most favorite beverages for most women. When you drink a cup of coffee, you feel the stimulant property. The presence of caffeine in coffee exerts this stimulant property. But this active ingredient of coffee is not good for your pregnancy. Caffeine can increase the risk of miscarriage, may interfere with Read more about Avoid coffee during pregnancy[…]

Picture of pregnant lady: Surrogacy last resort to childless couples

Surrogacy a hard choice but also the last resort to childless couples

Surrogacy is a hard choice and poses lots of hiccups in the social acceptance of this medical process. However, surrogacy is one of the trusted medical processes to settle infertility issues. If every individual considers surrogacy as an assisted tool to provide newborns to the childless couple, then this scenario can be changed. All of Read more about Surrogacy a hard choice but also the last resort to childless couples[…]

synchronization of cycle

What do you mean by synchronization of cycle?

In both the egg donation process and gestational surrogacy, synchronization of the cycle plays an important role to get a successful outcome of the treatment. The synchronization of the cycle can be defined as the synching up the menstrual cycle between the egg donor and egg recipient. Fertility treatment and contraceptive drugs are prescribed for Read more about What do you mean by synchronization of cycle?[…]