May 23, 2018

Egg Donation Services in Georgia | At ARTbaby

Egg donation is a process of donating eggs for the purpose of IVF where women donate her eggs which are artificially fertilized by IVF specialist in the laboratory for the intended parents.

Georgia has a high number of healthy egg donors who live a healthy lifestyle which helps in providing healthy eggs leading to successful  IVF cycles. ARTbaby provides Egg donors of all ethnic origins including Indian/Black/Caucasian/Asian.

Who needs Egg Donation Services in Georgia?

If either the eggs of a mother are not healthy or the mother is suffering from genetic disorder then the mother will not be able to have a child by her own eggs even using In-Vitro fertilization.

The couple then needs egg donation services where donated eggs are substituted with the mother’s egg to complete the IVF process.

Following are the conditions of the mother, where an intended couple needs an egg donation services:- 

  • If the mother is suffering from premature ovarian failure.
  • If the quality of the mother eggs is very low.
  • If a mother is carrying a genetically transmitted disease.
  • If a mother has suffered multiple IVF failures repeatedly.

Then, you are standing in a condition where you actually need services of egg donation Georgia.

Once you have decided, you are going to egg donation services in Georgia then you can contact us to know the availability of screened egg donors. Our centers allow you to choose the egg donor of your choice from our large database.

Sperm Donation Services

Sperm donation is a process where a male donates his sperms for the purpose of IVF where his sperms are used to artificially fertilize the eggs by IVF specialist in the laboratory for the intended parents.

Who Need Sperm Donation Services?

A couple needs donated sperm because of the following reasons:

  • If the male is facing Issues while ejaculation.
  • If the quality of the average sperm is very low.
  • If sperm functions are improper.
  • If the male is suffering from low sperm count.

After proper tests and report, you can easily figure out if you are in need of sperm donation services or not? Once you decide you can contact us for sperm donor database.

How IVF with donor eggs helps you become a mom after 40

Being a mother is a boon for every woman – as motherhood is a beautiful feeling that every woman wants to experience, but in today’s environment and culture most of the women are not able to experience this wonderful feeling due to various reasons mainly as most of them are working which leads to late marriages or another reason could be they may be suffering from some of the other diseases because of demanding lifestyle these days.

So naturally, the rate of fertility becomes low after 30 years of age and by that time the dream of becoming the mother remains a dream.

But as the environment or culture changes, medical science has also been developed. In medical science now nothing is impossible. Now your dream of becoming a mother can be fulfilled by donor egg IVF.

Donor Egg IVF works like a miracle for women who cannot become a mother after 40 years or after menopause because usually menopause occurs after the age of 35.

So at this stage, it is advisable medically that without any further delay in exploring other treatments a patient should directly go for donor egg IVF.

Why should we take a donor egg after 40 years?

Approximately 15% of the couples all over the world suffer from this infertility problem. A woman is born with a limited number of eggs.

So after 40 years of age, the Ovarian Reserve starts decreasing and egg quality also starts to be poor.

We cannot do any test to know the quality of Egg but can find out how many Eggs can be developed in your ovary by a test known as AMH blood test (Anti–mullerian hormone blood test is a marker for ovarian reserve and normally it is low in 35-40 year females).

We should take donor egg IVF after 40 years of age because the Donor’s age is low. As per common practice, a woman of 21-30 years is selected as a donor.

In that case, chances are to get the donor’s egg of good quality and thereby it also increases the chances of pregnancy for a patient.

How donor egg IVF is boon for 40 years old females?

As said above it becomes difficult for a woman over 40 years to conceive naturally- as the age grows so does the body responds depending upon the hormonal changes from female to female.  

As generally seen that after reaching this age- a woman may begin to feel lack of a child in their life. And due to which they may feel disturbed physically as well as mentally.

But now any woman can fulfill this shortfall in her life with donor egg IVF. Donor Egg IVF is a way to fulfill the dreams of those women who cannot become mothers from their own Eggs.

How can you choose your donor?

Generally, donors are young females who donate their eggs keeping in mind that they are doing a good social cause and at the same time earn money to support their families.

There are numbers of egg donor banks who provide donors for childless patients who need donor egg for IVF. Donor Banks provides various choices for selecting donors of every personality.

Choosing egg donor is the one of the difficult decision you ever face. What qualities matter to you and your life partner, it’s important to think once.

To select donor for egg donation we have to check various parameter like:

  • Donor Personality
  • Donor Medical history
  • Donor Physical appearance
  • Donor locality
  • Donor blood type

How to get started the protocol?

For Donor Egg, we choose donor females which are of young age and their egg quality is also excellent. For this, we do the first transvaginal ultrasound study of the donor to know their AFC count (AFC means antral follicle count and this suggests how much eggs can be made in the donor’s ovaries.) These AFC can only be seen and counted on menstrual cycle day 2 or 3.

Then we match the profile or personality of donors with the profile of the patient and choose those donors which match the profile of the patient personality.

Prior to Egg donation, all medical check-ups of the donor are also done, so that there are no chances of any type of genetic disease or sexually transmitted infection.

After checking the AFC count, the injection of the hormones of the donor lady is started, which causes the multiple numbers of oocytes in the ovaries and this process is called stimulation period.

The stimulation period is usually 10-12 days. When the egg is ready to grow 20mm or greater, then an injection is applied to the rupture those eggs. This injection is injected 34-35 hours before egg retrieval.

After egg retrieval, donor egg is fertilized with the husband sperm by the technique In vitro fertilization (IVF). 17-18 hours later, it shows how many eggs have been fertilized.

And then on day 3 and day 5, these embryos are transferred to the uterus of the recipients. But In donor-egg IVF the recipient has to prepare her endometrial lining so that it is receptive, thereby increasing the chances for embryo implantation after the embryo transfer.

For the endometrium or uterine lining to be maximumly prepared, so your doctor will give you a medication protocol of hormone medications(containing estrogens and progesterone) according to your particular case.

Is it safe or not?

Donor egg IVF is a safe procedure. This procedure is usually the same as IVF but only the difference is the injection does not inject into the patient.

Rather, the donor who has been selected for that particular patient has been injected. There is also a benefit to get donor egg IVF.

There are fewer chances of having OHSS (OVARIAN HYPERSTIMULATION SYNDROME) from Donner Egg IVF. Because those donors are not going for pregnancy. And another benefit is the chances of conceiving also increases.

Donor egg IVF is also helpful for those patients who have a primary ovarian failure, menopause, premature menopause and also those patients who are menstruating but have tried all the ways to get pregnant.

Donor egg IVF offer a better chance of getting pregnant. At any age, donor egg IVF can help to overcome fertility problem.

In the end, Donor Egg IVF is like the hope of a ray for childless couples, this kind of hope can fulfill your life with happiness with a cute baby.