May 23, 2018

Surrogate Mothers in Georgia at ARTbaby

If you are searching for a surrogate mother in Georgia we can help you through our large surrogate mother network/database in completing your family. Surrogate mother cost in Georgia is somewhere between US$20000- US$24000 which comparatively lower than other countries which makes Georgia a new favorable surrogacy destination globally.

We provide healthy surrogate mothers. Surrogate mothers are those women who carry the baby of intended parents in their womb from the eggs of the real mother or the donor.

Following are the eligibility criteria at ARTbaby Georgia for becoming a Georgian surrogate mother:

  • Eligible Age to become a surrogate mother in Georgia is between 21 to 41 years.
  • Body mass index required for an eligible surrogate mother is 33 plus.
  • The women must have taken permission and support from their family to become a Georgia surrogate mother for the intended parents, so their family doesn’t interfere in the middle of the ongoing surrogacy process.
  • Women should be healthy in all aspects and must not have the habit of consuming any type of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs.

Who can become a surrogate mother in Georgia?

A woman as a surrogate mother earns a lot of blessings and appreciation from the intended parents for making their families complete. A woman can become a part of such a wonderful job by becoming a surrogate mother in Georgia.

To become a surrogate mother you can register yourself at our centre.

To hire a Surrogate mother OR/To become a Surrogate mother enquire us now.

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