Uterine factor and fertility

Uterine factor Infertility 

Abnormalities of the uterus can contribute to the inability to conceive. Uterine fibroids can disrupt the endometrial cavity, making implantation difficult and treatable. Another cause in the uterus is scarring or adhesions from a previous operation or endometrial infection. Asherman’s syndrome is a term used to describe scar tissue in the uterus. The wound may Read more about Uterine factor Infertility […]

Kenya flag thumbs surrogacy

Surrogacy in Kenya and alternatives

Kenya has no law governing surrogacy after offering surrogacy to African patients for many years. The Kenyan capital Nairobi has many quality IVF clinics run by successful IVF professionals in India. Kenya is not recommended for foreigners unless you have a high-risk permit and are not prepared for considerable effort. The cost of surrogacy in Read more about Surrogacy in Kenya and alternatives[…]

Liquor consumption during e

Liquor and fertility

Excessive liquor consumption can lead to many diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, liver disease, abdominal bleeding, cancer (breast, mouth, throat, esophagus, liver, and colon), dementia, and other disorders. Mental, anxiety, depression, and social and economic loss such as relationship damage and job loss are other consequences of heavy drinking. Liquor use during pregnancy The Read more about Liquor and fertility[…]

Surrogacy in UK and alternatives

New figures show that the number of parents with a surrogate child in England and Wales has almost doubled in the last ten years. Orders for parents transferring legal parenthood from surrogacy have risen from 117 in 2011 to 413 in 2020. Two-thirds of today’s applicants are mixed-sex couples, usually 30 or 40 years old. Read more about Surrogacy in UK and alternatives[…]

Surrogacy at young age

Surrogacy at a young age

Early surrogacy for young intended parents It’s rare for young intended parents to go with the surrogacy option as there is hope to become parents as they are young. When a female partner is unable to carry the pregnancy or unable to become pregnant then they can go for surrogacy. While Youngs who are single/lesbian/gay Read more about Surrogacy at a young age[…]

Surrogacy in Canada and commercial alternatives

Surrogacy in Canada is legal but prohibited, with most bureaucracies dealt with by several provinces. The law only allows for altruistic surrogacy, which means that surrogates cannot be paid more than out-of-pocket benefits. Agencies are not allowed by law to professionally assign surrogates to future parents for a fee. The authorities are also not allowed Read more about Surrogacy in Canada and commercial alternatives[…]

Young fertile woman

Fertility management in young generation

Having children or completing a family is no longer considered a social necessity, but an event that can be considered a convenience. People want children, but a career comes first. This pursuit of comfort causes infertility to rise on a large scale without realizing what we are focusing on in our desire to achieve our Read more about Fertility management in young generation[…]

Genetic modification molecule sur

Genetic engineering in surrogacy

The use of recombinant DNA technology to alter an organism’s DNA to achieve desired properties is called genetic engineering. The addition of foreign DNA in the form of recombinant DNA vectors generated by molecular clones is the most common method of genetic engineering. An organism that receives recombinant DNA is called a genetically modified organism Read more about Genetic engineering in surrogacy[…]

IVF in U.S.A

International patients demand for IVF treatment increasing in the USA

Evidential support In 2017, research conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology in collaboration with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that the non-U.S. resident traveled to the U.S.A to avail the of assisted reproductive technology (ART). The researchers of this study found that cross-border reproductive care (CBRC) was one of Read more about International patients demand for IVF treatment increasing in the USA[…]

Surrogate and intended parent’s bonding and separation

If a child is born as a surrogate, there must be an emotional transfer from the surrogate family to the intended parents. This emotional shift will cause the child to begin to connect with his parents and vice versa. Prepare for an emotional transition While intentional parents may not have the same experience with prenatal Read more about Surrogate and intended parent’s bonding and separation[…]