Poland music surrogacy

Surrogacy in Poland

Surrogate mothers are banned in Poland. It is safe to parent through surrogacy in the United States if you live in Poland. The United States surrogacy agencies have given birth to more than 2,600 babies since 1995. The US Surrogacy Agencies help destination parents in Poland have the family of their dreams. The entire surrogacy Read more about Surrogacy in Poland[…]

Pregnancy care working professionals

Pregnancy care for working professionals

Women can continue to work during their gestation. Still, with a growing belly, certain effects need to be taken care of at the plant so that the awaiting maters can feel safe and secure and continue to be working during this phase without causing risk in the pregnancy. Working while pregnant – especially during the Read more about Pregnancy care for working professionals[…]

Lisa Ray surrogacy

Motherhood of  Lisa Ray: Success of Georgian Surrogacy

Who Is Lisa Ray? Lisa Ray is an Indo-Canadian actress who born on 4th April 1972. She started her carrier as a model and gradually she enters television and later in the film industry. Her Canadian film ‘Water’ was selected at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2005 and nominated for Oscar. She debuted in Read more about Motherhood of  Lisa Ray: Success of Georgian Surrogacy[…]

Happy Father's day to all single mother

Here is how a single mom celebrates father’s day?

How to Embrace Father’s Day as a Single Parent– Some Better Options to Celebrate the Day Once a year, Father’s Day is a celebration of honoring fathers and the way of enjoying fatherhood, paternal bonds, and influences of the father in society. It is celebrated on various days in different parts of the world – Read more about Here is how a single mom celebrates father’s day?[…]

Weather and fertility

Weather and fertility

The hot weather hurts reproductive health around the time of conception is to the denunciation in a low birth rate. Is it true that you have low fertility in the summer? A study was conducted on ostriches, more than 20 years old, by changing the temperature to understand various aspects of fertility. Both an increase Read more about Weather and fertility[…]

Surrogacy in Russia

Surrogacy in Russia and alternatives

Russia is one of the few places where commercial surrogacy is completely legal (along with Ukraine, Georgia, and some US states). Foreigners can pay a Russian woman for using her shot. Every year, surrogate mothers in Russia give birth to hundreds, maybe thousands, of children (estimates vary). By 2020, up to 1,000 children born to Read more about Surrogacy in Russia and alternatives[…]

Infertility in usa

The major reasons for infertility in the United States

If any couple thinks that they are the only unfortunate in state of family building, but the fact is different. In the United States, 10 to 15% of couples are infertile. Infertility is defined in most couples as the inability to conceive despite frequent unprotected sex for at least one year. Infertility can be the Read more about The major reasons for infertility in the United States[…]

Surrogacy in Israel and alternatives

The issue of surrogacy has become a topic of argument and debate in Israel for many years. Earlier this month, surrogacy appeared in the headlines twice. For the first time, there were about six former deputies launched a crowdfunding campaign after the New Life agency filed a defamation lawsuit against them (an embedding order was Read more about Surrogacy in Israel and alternatives[…]

What to avoid during pregnancy.

What to avoid during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time filled with joy—and also a lot of sacrifices. During pregnancy, women are responsible for another human being during these nine months, during the gestational period it has been encouraged to avoid certain precautions for the betterment of life.  Does this mean she has to say goodbye to everything that she loves Read more about What to avoid during pregnancy?[…]