Surrogacy in Poland

Surrogate mothers are banned in Poland. It is safe to parent through surrogacy in the United States if you live in Poland. The United States surrogacy agencies have given birth to more than 2,600 babies since 1995.

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The US Surrogacy Agencies help destination parents in Poland have the family of their dreams.
The entire surrogacy process takes place in the United States – the creation of your embryo at your fertility clinic, surrogacy, and delivery of your baby.
Destined parents in Poland usually travel to the United States to produce their embryos (and possibly meet their surrogate mother) and return to deliver their babies.

As international travel becomes even easier, intended parents’ addresses may travel to the United States more frequently during their travels.
After the birth of their baby, Polish parents remain in the United States until a passport is issued (or a travel document is issued by Poland). How long you stay in the United States with your baby depends on many variables, including the documentation you need to provide to your state authorities.

Once documents are processed, the process for obtaining a US passport typically takes 2 to 3 weeks (although recently it took about twice as long).

How to find a surrogate in Poland?

The question many parents ask is how to find a surrogate mother to hold their baby while living in Poland. We encourage you to use the U.S. A Surrogate Agent who will manage all aspects of your surrogate including finding a surrogate.

The US Surrogacy Agencies will compare you to a surrogate based on 3 criteria:

  • Legal compliance (you can legally compare them depending on where you and they are)
  • Opinions on surrogacy (including your views on selective reduction and discontinuation)

Personality fitness

The surrogate you are comparing must be suitable for the surrogate mother. Substitutes must meet strict surrogacy requirements to receive our surrogacy program.

US surrogacy agencies also thoroughly screen their surrogate children before comparing them to their intended parents, which is not done by all surrogacy agencies.

In the US the Surrogacy Agencies require surrogates to undergo a three-step screening process to meet our matching standards. Full screenings of the surrogate will help ensure a more successful journey, fewer game distractions, and a strong start to your relationship.

Working with an agent makes your search for a surrogate safe and easy.
How to choose a surrogacy agency in the U.S if you live in Poland? 
 This list of criteria will help intended parents in their surrogacy exploration of agencies.

  •  Agency experience: How numerous times has the agency been in business? Do they’ve experience helping transnational intended parents complete surrogacy and travel home safely? 
  • Legal experts. Does the agency have a legal platoon on staff that’s knowledgeable about surrogacy laws?
  • Success rates. How successful is the agency? Can they partake in success rates with you when you ask for them?
  • Costs. You’ll find that costs for surrogacy vary greatly from agency to agency. When canvassing an agency, you should ask for a detailed cost distance that outlines ALL costs. Compare costs between agencies to ensure that each agency is counting for all charges during a trip.
  •  Views on the relationship. Does the agency encourage a relationship between the intended parents and the surrogate? Will the agency develop a strong relationship with you as intended parents during your trip, or will it be further of a business sale
  • Experience working with all different backgrounds. Do they’ve experienced working with straight and gay couples and mates? Do they’ve experience with working with intended parents from around the world, including Poland?
  • Individual experience: While an agency and its platoon don’t need to have individual experience with surrogacy, it does help them to understand first-hand what the surrogacy process is like.

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