Blood impurities and infertility

Introduction: Infertility is a complex medical issue affecting millions of individuals and couples worldwide. While the causes of infertility can be multifaceted, recent research has shed light on the potential role of blood impurities in contributing to this condition. In this article, we delve into the connection between blood impurities and infertility, exploring the underlying Read more about Blood impurities and infertility[…]

Surrogacy fears

Fears of Surrogacy

Both surrogate and intended parents have their fear of surrogacy. All fear about surrogacy is not completely unjustified, but the correct arrangement with proper legal documentation can eradicate all the possible fear associated with surrogacy.  Fear of intended parents about surrogacy The surrogate will keep the born child with her ­­ In 1986, a traditional Read more about Fears of Surrogacy[…]