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Fertility management in young generation

Having children or completing a family is no longer considered a social necessity, but an event that can be considered a convenience. People want children, but a career comes first. This pursuit of comfort causes infertility to rise on a large scale without realizing what we are focusing on in our desire to achieve our Read more about Fertility management in young generation[…]

Genetic modification molecule sur

Genetic engineering in surrogacy

The use of recombinant DNA technology to alter an organism’s DNA to achieve desired properties is called genetic engineering. The addition of foreign DNA in the form of recombinant DNA vectors generated by molecular clones is the most common method of genetic engineering. An organism that receives recombinant DNA is called a genetically modified organism Read more about Genetic engineering in surrogacy[…]

IVF in U.S.A

International patients demand for IVF treatment increasing in the USA

Evidential support In 2017, research conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology in collaboration with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that the non-U.S. resident traveled to the U.S.A to avail the of assisted reproductive technology (ART). The researchers of this study found that cross-border reproductive care (CBRC) was one of Read more about International patients demand for IVF treatment increasing in the USA[…]

Surrogate and intended parent’s bonding and separation

If a child is born as a surrogate, there must be an emotional transfer from the surrogate family to the intended parents. This emotional shift will cause the child to begin to connect with his parents and vice versa. Prepare for an emotional transition While intentional parents may not have the same experience with prenatal Read more about Surrogate and intended parent’s bonding and separation[…]

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Mental Illness and Surrogacy

Surrogacy is an infertility treatment alternative option for women who have uterine mal-formation and are unable to start their families with other available treatment options. Read Also: What is surrogacy? The indication of surrogacy includes an absent uterus, repeated abortions, repetitive IVF failures, and some other medical conditions. Surrogacy gives such women to have their Read more about Mental Illness and Surrogacy[…]

Infertility due to underlying diseases

Infertility is a complex condition usually associated with reproductive system disorder. Both the male and/or female partners may responsible for infertility. Broadly, infertility is categorized as primary and secondary. In primary infertility, the germ cell structure growth is arrested. Consequently, cell necrosis happens because of anatomical or physiological disorders. Pathophysiological causes of male infertility Manifestation Read more about Infertility due to underlying diseases[…]

Counseling in surrogacy

Why counseling in surrogacy is important?

Surrogacy, as a medical alternative to childbirth, is not yet fully accepted in society. This is a hidden blessing for infertile couples. However, few people choose it because complete information about the process is missing. Somewhere in the background, people are worried about getting their surrogate children into care, they can fight legal battles if Read more about Why counseling in surrogacy is important?[…]

Unexplained infertility issues

Unexplained infertility is when a standard infertility test does not cause the incapacity of a couple or woman. Some reproductive physicians believe that the diagnosis of unexplained infertility is undiagnosed. Estimates show that 15-30 percent of couples experiencing infertility are diagnosed with unexplained infertility. This makes him one of the biggest causes of infertility. The Read more about Unexplained infertility issues[…]

Doctor recommended surrogacy

My Doctor recommended surrogacy but what next?

Before you start surrogacy treatment, surrogacy planning is very important. After all surrogacy is a complex process. Following are the steps followed in the surrogacy procedure: Searching for surrogacy partner: Surrogacy service providers or intended parents can search for a suitable match for a surrogate partner. Screening test:  A thorough medical screening test is conducted Read more about My Doctor recommended surrogacy but what next?[…]

Law issues in Surrogacy

Precautions to avoid law barriers in surrogacy 

In surrogacy, a surrogate becomes pregnant on behalf of the infertile intended mother and after delivering the child relinquishes it to the intended parents. Therefore, the requirement of a legal contract or agreement between intended parents and surrogates is very important in the surrogacy process. Surrogacy law varies from country to country and usually has Read more about Precautions to avoid law barriers in surrogacy […]