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What is IVF?

What does IVF stand for? IVF stands for in-vitro-fertilization which is a type of assisted reproductive technology (ART) where male Sperms and Female Eggs are fertilized out of the body using a test tube in an assisted environment(medical lab). IVF involves complex clinical processes involving both medical and surgical intervention is conducted under medical supervision. Read more about What is IVF?[…]

Success tips for IVF

The IVF gives the opportunity to overcome the conception related odds when natural conception is not possible, and to continue the parenting journey. But the IVF cycle failure is also common in many cases. The success rate of IVF success lies in between 20% to 35%. Repeated IVF cycle is expensive also. Therefore, the following Read more about Success tips for IVF[…]

Don’t give up. You will be a mother

Waiting for a baby for a long period of time is really tough. Especially, when every natural process fails to give you the good news of becoming a mother. The pain of infertility often leads to emotional distress. Child adoption is always open for every individual, but become a mother of own child never comparable Read more about Don’t give up. You will be a mother[…]

Family balancing options - Gender selection - Gender balancing

Gender selection for family balancing

Gender selection, which is also termed as family balancing is a medical attempt to control the sex or gender of the unborn child depending upon the parental concern. The process can be conducted either by natural method followed with selective embryo screening or genetic diagnosis before implantation during the process of in-vitro fertilization (IVF). However, Read more about Gender selection for family balancing[…]

World Embryologists Day: All about age, semen and eggs that spell success in IVF, world IVF day

Happy World Embryologists Day!

The date of July 25th is celebrated as the World Embryologists as The first IVF baby, Louise Joy Brown, who was born in 1978 and this was a breakthrough in reproductive medicine. This day is celebrated for the healthcare workers who are working in the field of reproductive medicine. As of November 10.1977, Louise Joy Read more about Happy World Embryologists Day![…]

IVF culture media

Randomized Trial Shows IVF Culture Media and Outcomes of Embryos and Babies

What is IVF culture media? In the IVF process, the artificial fertilization process conducted in a specialized laboratory set up. Culture media prepared on a Petri dish, which has a similar composition as of oviduct and uterine fluids, so that created embryo can get an approximately alike natural environment for development.   Research evidence on the Read more about Randomized Trial Shows IVF Culture Media and Outcomes of Embryos and Babies[…]

IVF in U.S.A

International patients demand for IVF treatment increasing in the USA

Evidential support In 2017, research conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology in collaboration with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that the non-U.S. resident traveled to the U.S.A to avail the assisted reproductive technology (ART). The researchers of this study found that that the cross-border reproductive care (CBRC) was one Read more about International patients demand for IVF treatment increasing in the USA[…]

What is the time-lapse technology used in IVF?

Although the IVF process had started decades ago. However, the advancement of this technology continues to overcome the loophole associated with its outcome. Time-lapse technology has invented in this decade to improve the outcome of the IVF treatment. In time-lapse technology, the images of embryos are collected at regular intervals by using cameras. In this Read more about What is the time-lapse technology used in IVF?[…]

IVF pregnancy testing

Testing For Pregnancy After In-Vitro Fertilization

The following are general tests conducted for confirmation of pregnancy after in-vitro fertilization. Blood test Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is recommended for approximately two weeks of embryo transfer. This test conducted by taking blood or urine samples of the patient. But the blood test provides the most authentic result instead of conducting a urine test Read more about Testing For Pregnancy After In-Vitro Fertilization[…]