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Gender selection for family balancing

Gender selection, which is also termed as family balancing is a medical attempt to control the sex or gender of the unborn child depending upon the parental concern. The process can be conducted either by natural method followed with selective embryo screening or genetic diagnosis prior to implantation during the process of in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Read more about Gender selection for family balancing[…]

Three parent IVF baby: Genetic engineering

Babies with Three Parents: Preventing the Inheritance of Genetic Diseases

‘Three parents babies’ is a very exhilarating concept to prevent some inherited diseases. Inherited diseases have direct linked up with genetic disorders due to abnormalities involves single or multiple genomes. Underlying genetic changes are the cause of such type of diseases. In April 2016, a baby boy born in Mexico is one of the first Read more about Babies with Three Parents: Preventing the Inheritance of Genetic Diseases[…]

Microsurgical laser assisted hatching

Microsurgical laser assisted hatching: An add-on to IVF success

Cellular microsurgery is a successful application of laser intervention in reproductive biology. Laser-assisted hatching applied in the IVF process for the embryo implantation in the uterus of the patient. In the IVF process, oocyte fertilization is the initial step. Sperm requires to enter through “zona pellucida” to fertilize the egg. Zona pellucida is the outer Read more about Microsurgical laser assisted hatching: An add-on to IVF success[…]

options for Artificial Insemination : pictorial rep

Options for artificial insemination

Artificial insemination is the process of inserting sperm into woman’s womb for fertilization without involving sexual intercourse. Artificial insemination becomes popular, as the number of single mothers, gay and straight people want to get their own child. There are many options available for artificial insemination like IVF etc (later in this article). Apart from these, certain Read more about Options for artificial insemination[…]