Don’t give up. You will be a mother

Waiting for a baby for a long period of time is really tough. Especially, when every natural process fails to give you the good news of becoming a mother. The pain of infertility often leads to emotional distress. Child adoption is always open for every individual, but become a mother of own child never comparable Read more about Don’t give up. You will be a mother[…]


Happy World Embryologists Day!

  The date of July 25th is celebrated as the World Embryologist Day as The first IVF baby, Louise Joy Brown, who was born in 1978 and this was a breakthrough in reproductive medicine. This day is celebrated for the healthcare workers who are working in the field of reproductive medicine. As of November 10.1977, Read more about Happy World Embryologists Day![…]

Selecting Embryos for IQ

Selecting embryos for IQ is quite difficult and not ethically accepted. The term designer babies may very common, but the success of creating such an embryo is very complicated. Human has complex traits of multiple genes. The advancement of medical science gradually understands the combined effect of multiple genes on the complex traits of a Read more about Selecting Embryos for IQ[…]

IVF without eggs

Does IVF possible without eggs?

IVF cannot be possible without eggs. IVF is artificial fertilization. But IVF requires both male and female gametes (sperm and egg) for fertilization. Females have many health problems like empty follicle syndrome (EFS) that lead to diminishing eggs count. Although this condition is rare. In this condition, no egg is retrieved from the mature follicle Read more about Does IVF possible without eggs?[…]

IVF lab in India

The Current IVF status in India 2021

After getting success in 1978, by giving birth to the first ‘test-tube baby’ through IVF, almost 6 million test tube babies successfully born by opting for IVF during the last 40 years period.   IVF is a hope of infertile couples to start their family. People seek IVF clinics due to increasing fertility issues. Therefore, releasing Read more about The Current IVF status in India 2021[…]

Ekta Kapoor recent update about her baby through surrogacy

The recent Bollywood news regarding Ekta Kapoor’s motherhood has once again unfolded the opportunity of surrogacy through the advancement of assisted reproductive technology (ART). Ekta Kapoor is an established producer of many Bollywood films and television serials. Currently, she is enjoying plenty of cheerful bustle for the birth of her first baby boy on 27th Read more about Ekta Kapoor recent update about her baby through surrogacy[…]

Tubal embriyo transferi

Tubal embryo transfer

Tubal embryo transfer (TET) is a part of the process of the Assisted reproductive process (ART), which helps to implantation of the created embryo in laboratory set-up through the IVF process is transferred into the fallopian tube of the mother/gestational carrier for further growth of the embryo. TET process description TET is a standard process Read more about Tubal embryo transfer[…]

Three parent IVF baby: Genetic engineering

Babies with Three Parents IVF: Preventing the Inheritance of Genetic Diseases

‘Three parents babies’ is a very exhilarating concept to prevent some inherited diseases. Inherited diseases have direct linked up with genetic disorders due to abnormalities involves single or multiple genomes. Underlying genetic changes are the cause of such type of diseases. In April 2016, a baby boy born in Mexico is one of the first Read more about Babies with Three Parents IVF: Preventing the Inheritance of Genetic Diseases[…]

What is IVF? Image

What is IVF?

What does IVF stand for? IVF stands for in-vitro-fertilization which is a type of assisted reproductive technology (ART) where male Sperms and Female Eggs are fertilized out of the body using a test tube in an assisted environment(medical lab). IVF involves complex clinical processes involving both medical and surgical intervention is conducted under medical supervision. Read more about What is IVF?[…]

Success tips for IVF

The IVF gives the opportunity to overcome the conception related odds when natural conception is not possible, and to continue the parenting journey. But the IVF cycle failure is also common in many cases. The success rate of IVF success lies in between 20% to 35%. Repeated IVF cycle is expensive also. Therefore, the following Read more about Success tips for IVF[…]