What is the time-lapse technology used in IVF?

Although the IVF process had started decades ago. However, the advancement of this technology continues to overcome the loophole associated with its outcome. Time-lapse technology has invented in this decade to improve the outcome of the IVF treatment. In time-lapse technology, the images of embryos are collected at regular intervals by using cameras. In this Read more about What is the time-lapse technology used in IVF?[…]

IVF pregnancy testing

Testing For Pregnancy After In-Vitro Fertilization

The following are general tests conducted for confirmation of pregnancy after in-vitro fertilization. Blood test Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is recommended for approximately two weeks of embryo transfer. This test conducted by taking blood or urine samples of the patient. But the blood test provides the most authentic result instead of conducting a urine test Read more about Testing For Pregnancy After In-Vitro Fertilization[…]

IVF medication and how it works?

What are the medication used in IVF and how they work?

In the IVF cycle, several medications are used which belong to different categories to stimulate the cycle. But the dose and types of medication prescribed for any intended mother depends upon the selected treatment protocol by the IVF expert she had contacted.   Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH Agonist) Hypothalamus a small region of the brain from where Read more about What are the medication used in IVF and how they work?[…]

ivf success and fire redundant items household

Do household flame retardant items reduce IVF success rate?

You may surprise to know that flame retardants commonly obtain from household items are the culprit of the IVF success reduction rate. Organophosphate flame retardants are used on furniture, gym mats, and other household products. A research finding first indicated that organophosphate flame retardants interfere with the female reproductive outcome.  The researcher of this study Read more about Do household flame retardant items reduce IVF success rate?[…]

Significance of support system requires to pursue IVF cycle?

The decision making and conformity for IVF is a stressful challenge for the intended parents. The IVF cycle requires a huge support system to handle this stress level. However, the intended parents have to pass over a series of stressful situations before and during the initiation of the IVF cycle. Before you start your IVF Read more about Significance of support system requires to pursue IVF cycle?[…]

IVF: Diyet ve egzersiz rehberi

Diet and exercise guide for IVF patient

Experts estimated that almost one in eight women has struggled to get pregnant. If you have planned to build your family and failed after trying the all-natural process to start your family, then in-vitro-fertilization (IVF) is the next option you can choose to obtain a biological baby.    In IVF, egg and sperm are collected Read more about Diet and exercise guide for IVF patient[…]

Tubal embriyo transferi

Tubal embryo transfer

Tubal embryo transfer (TET) is a part of the process of the Assisted reproductive process (ART), which helps to implantation of the created embryo in laboratory set-up through the IVF process is transferred into the fallopian tube of the mother/gestational carrier for further growth of the embryo. TET process description TET is a standard process Read more about Tubal embryo transfer[…]

What is IVF? Image

What is IVF?

What does IVF stand for? IVF stands for in-vitro-fertilization which is a type of assisted reproductive technology (ART) where male Sperms and Female Eggs are fertilized out of the body using a test tube in an assisted environment(medical lab). IVF involves complex clinical processes involving both medical and surgical intervention is conducted under medical supervision. Read more about What is IVF?[…]

hopeless couple at bech

Reasons for IVF Failure

Unfortunately, every IVF treatment does not give a successful result. It is already well established that women under 35 years of age have a higher success rate, i.e. almost 40%. IVF failure often causes an emotional breakdown. Affected couples have become frustrated, irritated, and discouraged. Sometimes, couples blame each other. In some cases, they even Read more about Reasons for IVF Failure[…]