Success tips for IVF

The IVF gives the opportunity to overcome the conception related odds when natural conception is not possible, and to continue the parenting journey. But the IVF cycle failure is also common in many cases. The success rate of IVF success lies in between 20% to 35%. Repeated IVF cycle is expensive also. Therefore, the following are certain Success tips for IVF which may help in getting a successful pregnancy in the first try. 

IVF pregnancy

Take detail knowledge

If you are deciding to take IVF treatment, then first detail takes knowledge about the subject by consulting with experts and people who already get benefited from the IVF treatment.

Although the IVF process is the same, the selection of the IVF center is very important to get a successful result.

The details of IVF centers include specialization of IVF expert, patient review,  laboratory facilities, qualification of the lab staff. Following are some criteria you need to check before finalizing the IVF center:

•    Pregnancy outcome per embryo implantation

•    Review successful case history of the same fertility issue with the similar age group of yours

•    Qualification details of principal IVF clinician whose guidance is followed during the treatment procedure

•    All accreditation certificates of the IVF clinic

•    Expenditure details of complete IVF package

•    Storing details of embryo and cost involved during the embryo storage period

•    Successful pregnancy, live birth report, and pregnancy with twins or multiple births.

A healthy diet for IVF Success

A healthy, nutritious diet is very important for the successful IVF process.

Starts eating a balanced diet at least three months before the embryo transfer.

This helps to generate good quality eggs,  improve blood circulation in the reproductive organs, and increase the embryo acceptance in the uterus.

Monounsaturated fats present in olive oil, nuts and seeds, avocados, and sunflower oil are sources of good fats and improve fertility.

Strictly avoid saturated fats rich food items including junk foods or packed foods.

Detox your body

Detoxification of the body rejuvenates your internal system. Detox supplements, alkaline diet, and aromatherapy are different methods available for detoxifying your body.   


Acupuncture is an integral treatment procedure under Traditional Chinese Medicinal (TCM) system.

Taking acupuncture treatment from an authentic clinic helps to increase the pregnancy success rate.

Research study references provide evidence that acupuncture treatment before and after embryo transfer increases the success rate 44% compared with 29% of the non-treated group.

Acupuncture helps to distress the body and improve ovarian functionality.  


Regular exercise during IVF planning is very important to maintain the normal BMI of the body. Regular exercise helps to maintain body weight and keep the BMI in the normal range between 20 to 25.

Obesity is one of the major cause of IVF failure. But avoid strenuous exercise during the IVF cycle, which can also cause the failure of the IVF cycle. 

Health supplements

Some health supplements for both female and male is required to increase fertility treatment acceptance and healthy baby development.

Multi-vitamins and trace-minerals like vitamin A, B complex, C and E, and minerals like zinc, iron, selenium, magnesium, and Co-enzyme Q10 supplements during fertility treatment and embryo implantation improve the IVF success rate.

Royal Jelly supplementation for female partners helps to provide essential nourishment to the egg and improve egg quality.  

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Avoid drug abuse

Both partners should completely avoid smoking, alcohol, and other addictive drugs. These chemical substances diminish reproductive functioning and reduce the success rate.     

Spend quality time with partners

Talk and discuss every feeling with your partners, which helps you to relax. Continue your sexual life with your partner before embryo transfer. All these activities boost both of you to build a family.

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