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How surrogacy clinics keep costs low in Georgia than other European countries?

Affordable surrogacy clinics in Georgia promote low-cost surrogacy in Europe. Georgia is located in the eastern region of Europe. Surrogacy in Georgia is legally acceptable for married heterosexual couples. The affordable surrogacy procedure in Georgia along with legal acceptance makes it a popular international surrogacy destination for an infertile couple.   Both local and international Read more about How surrogacy clinics keep costs low in Georgia than other European countries?[…]

pregnancy with surrogacy sperm and egg donation

Do both Egg and Sperm donation at the same time is allowed for surrogacy?

The title of the article raises a very critical question and many couples may look forward to the answer. In modern reproductive clinical practice, this type of scenario is not very uncommon, where both the partners are not reproductively allowed to become biological parents of their child. For such conditions, both egg and sperm donation Read more about Do both Egg and Sperm donation at the same time is allowed for surrogacy?[…]


Happy World Embryologists Day!

  The date of July 25th is celebrated as the World Embryologist Day as The first IVF baby, Louise Joy Brown, who was born in 1978 and this was a breakthrough in reproductive medicine. This day is celebrated for the healthcare workers who are working in the field of reproductive medicine. As of November 10.1977, Read more about Happy World Embryologists Day![…]

Future of Surrogacy

Future of Surrogacy

Surrogacy has traveled a long journey after getting recognition in medical science as an infertility solution. A noticeable improvement in the surrogacy process takes place in the last decade. Media coverage has enlightened general awareness and public opinion gradually changing after listening and watching the positive results and joyous stories. The surrogacy-related exploitation and events Read more about Future of Surrogacy[…]

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Why ‘compensation’ not ‘payment’ involve in surrogacy?

The thought process of the general population, as well as the government on surrogacy, is changing, though many countries ban commercial surrogacy. But ethically and legally, payment for surrogacy service to a surrogate is a debatable topic. A news published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) has reported that the federal government call to Read more about Why ‘compensation’ not ‘payment’ involve in surrogacy?[…]

New advanced fertility treatments

New advanced fertility treatments

Medical advancement brings many infertility treatment options which are safe and provide effective result. The doctor offers the treatment plan depending upon the couple’s condition. Commencement of treatment depends upon the mutual consideration of the doctor’s advice and the couple’s decision. Following are some fertility treatments that have established decades ago. But the medical science Read more about New advanced fertility treatments[…]

Stem cells create early human embryo structure in advance for fertility research

On 5th May 2021, scientists from the University of Exeter have got success to reconstruct human embryos from stem cells in the research lab. The human embryo created from stem cells gives light to the advancement of human fertility and reproduction research. Scientists have discovered a simple and realistic way to create an early human Read more about Stem cells create early human embryo structure in advance for fertility research[…]

Surrogate Vs test-tube baby

Difference between Surrogacy and Test Tube Baby

Every woman has a common dream to enjoy motherhood. But poor lifestyle factors impact a lot on the human reproductive system. Therefore, couples are often facing infertility issues. Women experience difficulty conceiving naturally after one year of unprotected regular intercourse. Clinically this health problem is termed infertility. Approximately 50 million couples across the world are Read more about Difference between Surrogacy and Test Tube Baby[…]