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Mental Illness and Surrogacy

Surrogacy is an infertility treatment option for women who have uterine mal-formation and unable to start their family with other available treatment options. The indication of surrogacy includes absent uterus, repeated abortions, repetitive IVF failures, and some other medical conditions. Surrogacy gives such women to have their genetically related child.  Psychological well-being management, especially for Read more about Mental Illness and Surrogacy[…]

Screening counselling intended parent surrogacy

Why and how intended parents are screened for surrogacy?

The surrogacy service requires huge dedication and commitment to the intended end of surrogates. Therefore, the surrogate has an equal right to know about the intended parent’s details to ensure that the safety to work for them and emotional and financial support from intended parents require to pursue the surrogacy process. Screening for intended parents Read more about Why and how intended parents are screened for surrogacy?[…]

Becoming parent later in life

Why do people decide to become parents later in life?

Offspring in early life can make people more family-oriented and reduce the risk of separation between couples.   But in the twenty-first century, many married couples are decided to have their babies after spending few years or maybe later in life. The reasons behind such decision-making are various depending upon the individual perspectives. However, career, women Read more about Why do people decide to become parents later in life?[…]

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Why is Georgia the world’s best for Medical Tourists?

Because Georgia is more favorable due to quality, safety, environment, and availability of services those other countries like Cambodia, Ukraine & Mexico. In Georgia well recognized top fertility specialists available from all over the world. You can see our fertility doctors in Georgia are well-known names in the industry. Most of the fertility specialists are Read more about Why is Georgia the world’s best for Medical Tourists?[…]

Surrogacy Advancements in 2018

The Advent of Surrogacy: Journey till 2021

Surrogacy advancement is a continuous process and the path of advancements also faces lots of challenges. In the Bible, the concept of maternal surrogacy was documented, which indicates that the beginning of surrogacy is much older and traditional. A series of innovative advancements in the field of maternal surrogacy were commencing from 1970 and gradually Read more about The Advent of Surrogacy: Journey till 2021[…]

Taşıyıcılıkla sosyal ve psikolojik etki

Social and Psychological impact with surrogacy

Surrogacy is a complex process not only due to the medical complex process involved in this technique, but social and psychological issues have also an impact. These always create a debate of the acceptance of surrogacy legally, socially, and ethically.   In the normal pregnancy process, couples carrying their biological offspring on their own to Read more about Social and Psychological impact with surrogacy[…]

Restriction surrogate

What are the restrictions to follow for a surrogate mother?

Some stringent health requirements are essential to become a surrogate. A complete physical along with psychological screening procedures are conducted before starts the medical process. But apart from these, certain health-related restrictions must be cleared before a woman trying to start her surrogacy journey.  Age restriction Usually, surrogacy agencies set an age limit for surrogate Read more about What are the restrictions to follow for a surrogate mother?[…]

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ARTbaby Surrogacy Centres & Infertility Clinics

If a couple is unable to have a child in one year with having unprotected sex, it may be due to some possible fertility issues and they need immediate consultation with a fertility specialist and you can also consult our Surrogacy Centre & Infertility Clinic Georgia. It is necessary to undertake many tests and physical Read more about ARTbaby Surrogacy Centres & Infertility Clinics[…]

Surrogacy is costly why

Why surrogacy is a costly process?

The expense of surrogacy is a considerable factor for intended parents before they select this process to build their family. Although the happiness of raising a child is incalculable, the cost involves in surrogacy involves multiple service charges. Some of these services are compulsory, but some additional services may be intended parents need to opt Read more about Why surrogacy is a costly process?[…]

Surrogacy decision

Who decides whether you should go for surrogacy or not?

The popularity of surrogacy is increasing day by day. But the controversy on surrogacy cannot be ignored because of ethical and legal reasons. The absence of the uterus is the absolute indication of surrogacy. History of hysterectomy due to obstetrics and gynecological reasons including cervical cancer or endometrial cancer or due to presence of Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser Read more about Who decides whether you should go for surrogacy or not?[…]