surrogacy for elders

Surrogacy and egg preservation for elders? 

A female produces plenty of eggs throughout the reproductive age. But a dramatic decline in egg production is noticed with the increasing age of a woman’s life-cycle. However, the mathematical calculation can show the number of eggs does not very little, but the concerning factors are poor quality of eggs, age of eggs, chromosomal abnormality, Read more about Surrogacy and egg preservation for elders? […]

Infertility treatments and alternative options in 2019 Image | Green leaf and medicine

Infertility treatments and alternative options in 2021

Thousands of couples seek infertility treatment to resolve conceiving issues or achieve childbearing capacity. The conventional treatment options have complex procedures and country-specific infertility treatment guidelines should be referred to before initiating treatment. However, there is no specific medical recommendation related to treatment commencement, definite diagnostic test or termination of treatment, etc. The infertility treatment Read more about Infertility treatments and alternative options in 2021[…]

Surrogacy awareness

What is the percentage of surrogacy awareness around the globe?

Global market insight recently published data to showcase the exceeded market of surrogacy. According to this data, the surrogacy market size had reached $5.5 billion in 2018. This report also forecast that this will be raised over 24.5% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) within 2025. This data indicates global surrogacy awareness heightened-up. The surrogacy industry Read more about What is the percentage of surrogacy awareness around the globe?[…]

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Current Surrogacy around the globe

The current global approach towards surrogacy is positive. The benefits of commercial global surrogacy are acceptable to the general population. The advantages of surrogacy over inter-country adoption are also significant. All these promising approaches of surrogacy become popular across the globe. In 2004, the worldwide child adoption rate was at its peak, which reached up Read more about Current Surrogacy around the globe[…]

Surrogacy fears

Fears of Surrogacy

Both surrogate and intended parents have their fear of surrogacy. All fear about surrogacy is not completely unjustified, but the correct arrangement with proper legal documentation can eradicate all the possible fear associated with surrogacy.  Fear of intended parents about surrogacy Surrogate will keep the born child with her ­­ In 1986, a traditional surrogacy Read more about Fears of Surrogacy[…]

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Frozen embryo: Better option to Successful pregnancy outcome

In recent days, there are many triggering factors that require preserving women’s fertility, and assisted reproductive technology (ART) becomes a very successful medical intervention. The Discovery and development of cryopreservation of embryos in the field of ART become revolutionary. For a few decades, the rate of implantation of a frozen embryo is increasing and become Read more about Frozen embryo: Better option to Successful pregnancy outcome[…]


Surrogacy cost structure explained

Surrogacy is an expensive Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). The detailed cost structure for surrogacy varies from different factors. But most importantly the selection of country where the surrogacy procedure is conducted majorly alter the expense.  Moreover, the requirement of intended parents varies depending on each case history. The requirement of additional medical procedure impact on Read more about Surrogacy cost structure explained[…]

Covid 19 surrogacy

How Covid-19 affected surrogacy services?

The surrogacy service requires planning before the commencement of the treatment. Multiple services such as reproductive doctors, agencies, a team of lawyers, and insurance providers are involved in the surrogacy process. Additional steps are required to plan for conducting a new surrogacy cycle or for those who have upcoming due dates for deliveries during the Read more about How Covid-19 affected surrogacy services?[…]

Breastfeeding in Surrogacy

Breastfeeding in Surrogacy

From ancient times, humans have utilized several methods to fight against fertility. Surrogacy, an assisted reproductive technique is the modern medical approach to overcome infertility issues. In this process, a woman agrees to become pregnant and carry the fetus on behalf of the intended mother, and handover the neonate to the intended parents for their Read more about Breastfeeding in Surrogacy[…]

Surrogacy consultant

Do you need a Surrogacy consultation before making the decision?

Surrogacy Consultation Guidelines In surrogacy, the intended parents and the gestational carrier are the two primary clients. Each of the clients has their concerns, planning, and perspectives. The transformative arrangement is the utmost need for both parties to reduce the complexity after the commencement of the procedure. Both the involved parties can get the necessary Read more about Do you need a Surrogacy consultation before making the decision?[…]