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What are the parameters while choosing surrogacy destination

Many countries ban surrogacy, while some of the destinations are ideal for conducting surrogacy. Therefore, an intended parent may need to search for domestic or international surrogacy. Being an intended parent’s most important decision is to the right selection of surrogacy destination. The selection of destination for surrogacy depends upon many factors which include professionalism Read more about What are the parameters while choosing surrogacy destination[…]

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The challenges of a surrogacy pregnancy

The journey of surrogacy pregnancy has many challenges. The knowledge of these challenges helps women to decide and continue the surrogacy program. Surrogacy is not only to carry a baby for someone else, but it has similar physical and mental changes associated with a natural pregnancy. In addition, IVF treatment and legal procedures are extra Read more about The challenges of a surrogacy pregnancy[…]

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Why and how intended parents are screened for surrogacy?

The surrogacy service requires huge dedication and commitment to the intended on the end of surrogates. Therefore, the surrogate has equal right to know about the intended parent’s details to ensure that the safety to work for them and emotional and financial support from intended parents require to pursue the surrogacy process. Screening for intended Read more about Why and how intended parents are screened for surrogacy?[…]

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Current Surrogacy around the globe

The current global approach towards surrogacy is positive. The benefits of commercial global surrogacy are acceptable by the general population. The advantages of surrogacy over inter-country adoption are also significant. All these promising approaches of surrogacy become popular across the globe. In 2004, the worldwide child adoption rate was at its peak, which reached up Read more about Current Surrogacy around the globe[…]

why and How are surrogate mothers screened for surrogacy?

The surrogate mother screening process for surrogacy

The purpose of screening for women who have applied to become a surrogate mother for infertile couples is to ensure that their health and mental state is ready to carry a child for their intended parents. Surrogacy agencies usually take the responsibility to screen surrogate mothers after thorough assessments of the surrogate application form and Read more about The surrogate mother screening process for surrogacy[…]

Transnational Surrogacy, Citizenship, and International Scenario

The traditional citizenship signifies two factors like right to soil and right to blood. In the traditional aspect, citizenship is one of the big challenges in surrogacy. In many cases, the argument for legal citizenship had a question marked in surrogacy.   Different country-specific issues are highlighted during these arguments. A Permanent Bureau 2014 study Read more about Transnational Surrogacy, Citizenship, and International Scenario[…]

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Georgia: A Surrogacy in India alternative

Surrogacy is one of the advanced assisted reproductive technology. Many celebrities had opted for surrogacy to complete their families. Media had already covered the success stories of surrogacy. But current worldwide economic growth allows the general population to think of about to become a biological parent by opting surrogacy who unable to build up their Read more about Georgia: A Surrogacy in India alternative[…]

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Surrogacy disclosure to Children is more common among ART opting parents

The surrogacy opting intended parents belief disclosure to their children than other ART opting parents The decision to opt assisted reproductive technology (ART) depending upon the infertile couple’s requirement recommended by the doctor is a very tough situation for them. It may be egg donation, donor insemination, and surrogacy. But these couples have also faced Read more about Surrogacy disclosure to Children is more common among ART opting parents[…]

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Surrogacy brings complex ethical issues around gender, payment, exploitation

Clinically surrogacy is a treatment option for infertile couples or single individuals who want to be a parent but unable to carry the pregnancy. This may occur due to complexity in reproductive functioning or physiology not allowed to do so. Surrogacy is also considered as an alternative to the traditional adoption process, which allow generating Read more about Surrogacy brings complex ethical issues around gender, payment, exploitation[…]

Parent child relation in surrogacy

The reaction of children after disclosure of their surrogacy origins

Implication and application of the surrogacy program have increased in recent days. Currently, many families build by taking assistance from surrogacy, but very few bother about the long-term outcome of these families after born of the child through surrogacy. Firstly, the pursuance of surrogacy is a very controversial topic. Some countries legally accept it, like Read more about The reaction of children after disclosure of their surrogacy origins[…]