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Why is Georgia the world’s best for Medical Tourists?

Because Georgia is more favorable due to quality, safety, environment, and availability of services those other countries like Cambodia, Ukraine & Mexico. In Georgia well recognized top fertility specialists available from all over the world. You can see our fertility doctors in Georgia are well-known names in the industry. Most of the fertility specialists are Read more about Why is Georgia the world’s best for Medical Tourists?[…]

Surrogacy Advancements in 2018

The Advent of Surrogacy: Journey till 2021

Surrogacy advancement is a continuous process and the path of advancements also faces lots of challenges. In the Bible, the concept of maternal surrogacy was documented, which indicates that the beginning of surrogacy is much older and traditional. A series of innovative advancements in the field of maternal surrogacy were commencing from 1970 and gradually Read more about The Advent of Surrogacy: Journey till 2021[…]

Surrogate consulting

Who can become a surrogate?

Being a surrogate is a vital and life-changing decision because this is a commitment you not only give to the intended parents but also yourself that you will deliver a healthy child for an infertile couple. The surrogacy journey has lots of physical and mental challenges. Therefore, strong determination, mental and physical well-being, a healthy Read more about Who can become a surrogate?[…]

IVF without eggs

Does IVF possible without eggs?

IVF cannot be possible without eggs. IVF is artificial fertilization. But IVF requires both male and female gametes (sperm and egg) for fertilization. Females have many health problems like empty follicle syndrome (EFS) that lead to diminishing eggs count. Although this condition is rare. In this condition, no egg is retrieved from the mature follicle Read more about Does IVF possible without eggs?[…]

Taşıyıcılıkla sosyal ve psikolojik etki

Social and Psychological impact with surrogacy

Surrogacy is a complex process not only due to the medical complex process involved in this technique, but social and psychological issues have also an impact. These always create a debate of the acceptance of surrogacy legally, socially, and ethically.   In the normal pregnancy process, couples carrying their biological offspring on their own to Read more about Social and Psychological impact with surrogacy[…]