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The Cost of Surrogacy in Georgia at ARTbaby Surrogacy Centre Georgia

The total cost of surrogacy ranges from $40,000 to $64,000 (Including guaranteed surrogacy program) at ARTbaby Surrogacy Center Tbilisi, Georgia although the surrogacy cost may vary depending on the needs and legal demands of intended parents, egg donation, number of tries, complications, etc.

The complete cost breakdown of the surrogacy process in Georgia in different situations(egg donation, IVF, number of tries, ICSI, etc) is given below.


  1. Cost of Surrogacy
  2. Cost of IVF
  3. Cost of Egg donation
  4. Traveling Egg donor cost(if required)
  5. Guaranteed Surrogacy Baby Program
  6. Add-on benefits
  7. Comparison

Note: Three-parent IVF is a new tech that is also a cost factor.

Surrogacy Financing options at ARTbaby Georgia:

Cost of surrogacy in Georgia. Pic: baby shoes in hand

We at ARTbaby Surrogacy Centre Georgia offer affordable IVF practices with multiple payment options and financing options.

We keep transparency during the whole process & there is no hidden cost.

Therefore affordable surrogacy options at ARTbaby Surrogacy Centre Georgia you can pay 25% of the surrogacy contract cost as a down payment and balance in monthly interest-free installments that start once the surrogate gets pregnant.

We are also flexible in payment terms on a patient-to-patient basis and design tailor-made packages for individuals.

Our Primary Motive is to provide affordable surrogacy options to intended parents (couples).

Guaranteed surrogacy packages in Georgia offer unlimited tries ( 5 times) till pregnancy with a fresh IVF cycle or frozen embryos.


The Cost of Surrogacy in Georgia and Ukraine

  • Our IVF surrogacy cost for Georgia/Ukraine with one surrogate costs $48000( Three attempts) With a Success rate of close to 90%.
  • Our IVF surrogacy cost for Georgia/Ukraine with one surrogate costs $58000( Three attempts) With a Success rate of close to 90%.
  • Our Guaranteed Surrogacy Baby Program costs $68000.


IVF/ICSI/Egg Donor cost in Georgia and Ukraine

  1. General IVF/ICSI Package with one cycle of IVF will cost $7800.
  2. IVF with an Asian/Black egg donor package costs $18500.
  3. IVF with a Caucasian donor cost $16500.
  4. The cost of a Caucasian egg donor in Georgia is $6500.


Traveling donor’s cost – Donor’s Cycle

  • Caucasian Donor cost – $12,000
  • Asian Donor cost – $12,000
  • Black donor cost – $12,000 


Add-on benefits with ARTbaby – Surrogacy Centre Georgia (included in Surrogacy Package):

  • Assistance in hotel booking.
  • Free airport pick-up drop.
  • Dedicated coordinator.
  • Complimentary city tour.
  • Local prepaid sim card with a handset.
  • All injections by trained staff at your Hotel/Apartment.
  • Translator on demand.

The guaranteed Surrogacy Baby Program costs in Georgia around USD 64000.

For the updated detailed price for IVF, Surrogacy, and  egg donation in Georgia please do Enquire Now » or write to us directly at

Surrogacy Program to Start Family – Does Assurance of Success Matter?

Infertility is still a curse and often persuades intended couples to search for alternatives of natural ways that can help them in starting a family with a baby of their chromosomes and DNA (at least any one of them).

IVF (in In-Vitro Fertilization) and reproductive cycles are the alternatives that work to help you in carrying out the pregnancy.

However, dealing with the vagueness of these common methods can be the most difficult situation mainly for those who are already suffering from the failure of different ways and natural processes to carry a pregnancy.

If uncertainty takes place, chances are higher to go stressed throughout the process or it may be extremely stressful.

In certain conditions and situations, IVF cycles (multiple) may also require starting a family.

If it happens (multiple cycles of IVF), it is a clear indication of extra financial needs and expressive prop-up.


World-Class Clinic Increases Chances of Success to a Great Level

As far as the IVF process and treatment is concerned, it is always done in world-class and top clinics where professional and experienced doctors are working to provide you with complete solutions.

In this way; chances are less of any health complications or risks.

However, it may result in extra monetary support.

Spending a good amount of money is not a big issue for them if they get the assurance of a baby after investing all the time, money, and valuable time in reproductive treatment.

For intended parents, who are going to try this method to start a family for the first time or it is their first attempt no clinic can assure you of success.

However, a world-class and high-quality medical facility, dedication, and observation for the duration of the treatment procedure will help increase the chances of success to a great level.

Guaranteed Baby Program – Surrogacy is the right successful way

There are different methods taken into use to increase the chances of starting a family.

Surrogacy and egg donation program are the most successful way that is hardly going unsuccessful.

A surrogate is a healthy young lady who has already given birth to a baby.

She is selected after a health check-up and specific clinical tests to ensure she can successfully conceive a pregnancy.

You can get success in pregnancy through surrogacy with your own egg/donor eggs and sperm of your partner by forming embryos (in labs).

Before starting the process or your mental makeup for IVF, you should also keep in mind that this process to start a family has a limited success rate.

In this way, you are required to be economically stable and emotionally ready for the new cycle/embryo transfer (in case of required another session is).

On the other hand, Our renowned clinic also offers you an assured baby program.

Assured means you need not worry about the failure of the IVF Cycle.

Embryo transfer or IVF cycles are done unlimited times to get the baby (certain clinical tests and check-ups are vital to give assurance).

These clinics always maintain an assurance level by offering a surrogacy and egg donation program with multiple IVF and embryo transfers (in a surrogate).

Such programs are offered to ensure that intended parents with the surety to start a family.

However, assurance is not given with different types (or all types) of infertility treatments.


Complete Cost for Surrogacy in Georgia: Assured way of getting a baby

You can also get a complete package from our surrogacy Centre in Georgia where chances are higher (almost assured) to carry the pregnancy and get a baby through surrogacy.

The package is ideal to choose to stay away from all worries.

A surrogate is selected for the intended parents after necessary clinical tests and check-ups and background checks.

She is healthy and able to conceive.

To avoid any kind of illegal or baby care rights, a contract is signed between the intended parents and the surrogate in the presence of experts to ensure that the baby will get the name of the parents immediately after the birth.

No contact or relationship is kept or maintained with the surrogate.

Must read: What is included in the ARTbaby surrogacy package in Georgia? 

The package cost is limited with no hidden charges and includes all tests, embryo transfer, medicine costs, surrogate mother’s hospital stay, local contact number, and different other facilities.

One such package not only saves money but also provides you with complete peace of mind.

However, there are certain terms and conditions to follow that are applicable in the guaranteed surrogacy or baby program.

Such programs are for the intended parents – looking for IVF with egg donors and surrogacy.

There are also different expenses included in the package’s overall cost for starting a family through surrogacy.

The egg donor fees, cost of embryo freezing and storage, surrogate mother charges, cost of necessary tests, selection and screening, and monthly expenses for the surrogate for her diet and stay are also included in the package.


Find the Top Surrogacy Centre in Georgia for Assured and Successful Surrogacy or Baby Program

Georgia is a nation where surrogacy is legal and offered in world-class clinics.

Attractive packages are also offered with the assurance of a higher success rate or a baby assured through surrogacy.

You have to choose the right one that is convenient for you.

For this, going online is the best option.


Who is eligible to choose Guaranteed Surrogacy Baby Program:

The male partner should have a good semen analysis, and NA Fragmentation test Karyotyping at our clinic Lab.

The surrogate mother and a proven egg donor are a compulsory part of the Guaranteed Surrogacy Baby Program.


How much does it cost for surrogacy? (Couple/singles/egg Donation etc)

Average surrogacy cost worldwide revised 

Surrogacy Cost comparison in Georgia, United States, U.k, etc. Surrogacy cost around the globe chart Source: Independent: surrogacy cost comparison 2022

Cost of Surrogacy Chart internationally(average cost of surrogacy around the globe)

Here is an overview of the Surrogacy costs around the globe:

  • US – US$100,000-US$160,000 approx. (in the United States few states allowed surrogacy like Georgia)
  • India (N/A)- US$40,000 approx. (Commercial Surrogacy got banned completely in 2021) 
  • Thailand – US$49,000 approx.
  • Ukraine – US$55,000 approx.
  • Georgia – US$65,000 approx. (Surrogacy cost breakdown given above)  
  • Mexico – US$45,000 to US$71,000 approx. 
  • Kenya – US$32,000-US$45,000 approx.
  • Russia – US$35,000-US$55,000 approx.
  • The United Kingdom – US$60,000 approx. (altruistic surrogacy allowed only)
  • Canada – US$75,000 approx. (Legal But restricted)
  • Spain – Surrogacy is not legal.

Although final surrogacy costs may vary based on the needs of the intended parents or the number of tries or due to some complications and the destination country.

Note: ARTbaby is a Global Surrogacy Clinic and Agency if you are looking for Surrogacy elsewhere in the globe you can ask us for surrogacy prices by submitting your query.

Surrogacy cost Disclaimer: Surrogacy cost may vary depending on the needs and the number of attempts.

(IVF may require multiple attempts).

Although the above provided complete payment mods and breakdowns. This covid situation may inflate your budget from travel to other expenses.

Georgia is the cheapest surrogacy country in Europe, the UK, and the united states.

Note: International surrogacy costs may vary from time to time, we have provided a general idea so please enquire before deciding on choosing surrogacy except Georgia country.

Surrogacy cost disclaimer


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