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Mental Illness and Surrogacy

Surrogacy is an infertility treatment option for women who have uterine mal-formation and unable to start their family with other available treatment options. The indication of surrogacy includes absent uterus, repeated abortions, repetitive IVF failures, and some other medical conditions. Surrogacy gives such women to have their genetically related child.  Psychological well-being management, especially for Read more about Mental Illness and Surrogacy[…]

Screening counselling intended parent surrogacy

Why and how intended parents are screened for surrogacy?

The surrogacy service requires huge dedication and commitment to the intended end of surrogates. Therefore, the surrogate has an equal right to know about the intended parent’s details to ensure that the safety to work for them and emotional and financial support from intended parents require to pursue the surrogacy process. Screening for intended parents Read more about Why and how intended parents are screened for surrogacy?[…]

Becoming parent later in life

Why do people decide to become parents later in life?

Offspring in early life can make people more family-oriented and reduce the risk of separation between couples.   But in the twenty-first century, many married couples are decided to have their babies after spending few years or maybe later in life. The reasons behind such decision-making are various depending upon the individual perspectives. However, career, women Read more about Why do people decide to become parents later in life?[…]