Success tips for IVF

The IVF gives the opportunity to overcome the conception related odds when natural conception is not possible, and to continue the parenting journey. But the IVF cycle failure is also common in many cases. The success rate of IVF success lies in between 20% to 35%. Repeated IVF cycle is expensive also. Therefore, the following Read more about Success tips for IVF[…]

Covid-19 and surrogacy

Surrogacy Status and Covid-19 Care

In the present Covid-19 pandemic situation, intended parents, surrogates, and surrogate born children are facing problems because of the restriction of international traveling and logistical difficulties. Many countries have halted fertility treatment due to the uncertainties that arrive after the COVID-19 attack. Surrogacy arrangements become more critical because of wider legislative issues embark on the Read more about Surrogacy Status and Covid-19 Care[…]

Pregnant woman: Issues and controversies related to surrogacy

Issues and controversies related to surrogacy : Updated 2020

Once Einstein has said, “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind”. The science of surrogacy can only be successful if the human and society accept it. The best way of getting benefit from it is by using it ethically and without losing human values. There are many emotional, social, and ethical issues Read more about Issues and controversies related to surrogacy : Updated 2020[…]

Countries where single surrogacy is legal

Which countries allow surrogacy for Singles?

Non-traditional families where individuals want to become single parents are not new, but gradually the trend becomes increasing.  Every year thousands of male and female individuals start their family as a single parent and surrogacy is one of the most common selected processes by many of them. The joy of parenting is the same in Read more about Which countries allow surrogacy for Singles?[…]

History of Surrogacy: baby shoes

History of Surrogacy

The process of surrogacy is not new and is there for centuries. During the historical time, there is evidence of the existence of the concept of one woman bearing a child for another. But then it was not termed as surrogacy nor had any set rules and regulations like now. Glimpse of History To have Read more about History of Surrogacy[…]

Religious and Scientific views of Surrogacy

Religious and Scientific view of Surrogacy

Religion is related to humanity, as it is the cultural system that depicts social organization, behavioral practice, and ethics from a global perspective. Our religious outlook, supported by molecular and genetic science has already accepted that the instinct of parenthood is a physiological phenomenon of the whole animal kingdom, including human beings. Reproduction is a Read more about Religious and Scientific view of Surrogacy[…]