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Surrogacy awareness programs

The Latin word “subrogare,” which means “appointed to act in the place of,” is the origin of the word “surrogate.” A surrogate mother is a woman who becomes pregnant and gives birth to a child with the intention of giving this child to another person or couple, commonly referred to as the “intended” or “commissioning” Read more about Surrogacy awareness programs[…]

Taking a surrogate baby home from Georgia

Georgia becomes a popular international surrogacy destination. Georgian surrogacy legally allows foreign intended parents with different-sex parents as the legal parents of a baby born through surrogacy. In the recent amendment, couples living together now qualify too to opt for surrogacy in Georgia. However, surrogacy in Georgia is not legally permissible to other types of Read more about Taking a surrogate baby home from Georgia[…]

How do Disasters Impact Surrogacy?

The surrogacy industry flourishes in the last few decades due to a variety of reasons, including a growing number of same-gender families (gay couples often take help from the surrogacy industry to obtain genetically related families, and intended mothers have medical issues which create a barrier to gestate. Gradually, social awareness and ethical acceptance validated Read more about How do Disasters Impact Surrogacy?[…]

Surrogacy is costly why

Why surrogacy is a costly process?

The expense of surrogacy is a considerable factor for intended parents before they select this process to build their family. Although the happiness of raising a child is incalculable, the cost involves in surrogacy involves multiple service charges. Some of these services are compulsory, but some additional services may be intended parents need to opt Read more about Why surrogacy is a costly process?[…]

egg donation requirement for pregnancy and parent hood

Online egg donor recruitment

Female infertility can be treated with various treatment options. Assisted reproductive technology including IVF procedures is a very common infertility treatment. For infertile women who cannot conceive through their egg then advanced ART technology provides the option to use a donor egg to experience parenthood. Currently, the demand for egg donors is increasing significantly to Read more about Online egg donor recruitment[…]

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Is surrogacy in a foreign country safe?

In some countries, the surrogacy process is well-regulated. People belonging to such countries can avail of domestic surrogacy. However, the purpose of international travel for opting cross broader surrogacy is also common nowadays. The reason for cross-border surrogacy varies. Some intended parents prefer cross-border surrogacy to find out a suitable match, but some need to Read more about Is surrogacy in a foreign country safe?[…]