Why surrogacy is a costly process?

The expense of surrogacy is a considerable factor for intended parents before they select this process to build their family. Although the happiness of raising a child is incalculable, the cost involves in surrogacy involves multiple service charges.

Some of these services are compulsory, but some additional services may be intended parents need to opt for their convenience. 

Surrogacy is costly why

Altogether these service charges are calculated for estimating the total cost of surrogacy. Following are different possible service charges involved in the surrogacy process:

Agency fees

The agency fees are not fixed for everywhere, it varies from country to country, agency to agency. Intended parents need to pay a fixed amount of surrogacy fees for their registration and this charge needs to renew for every attempt.

However, the validity of payment does not depend upon the time but remains active until the completion of each surrogacy process.

Agency takes these fees for matching, checking the background of the surrogate, screening test for eligibility, education, and counseling requires for surrogacy to both intended parents and surrogates.

Advertising charge

The surrogacy agency takes extra charge for advertising to search for more prospective surrogates if intended parents do not select a surrogate from the agency’s database or intended parents do not have their known surrogate (identified surrogate).

Surrogacy agency takes this change for online advertising, traditional ads,  using their other surrogate network for perfect matching.

Additional charges

The surrogacy agency takes additional charges to oversee the whole surrogacy process and for coordinating with other necessary services like insurance assessment, in-home assessment, etc.

Agency will take care of whether the pregnancy and delivery coverage included under the surrogate’s insurance. 

Whereas, in-home assessment service requires surrogacy home assessment.

Variable costs

Apart from the above-mentioned fixed fees amount, some variable costs are also involved in the surrogacy process. The three most important expenses are legal cost, medical expense, and surrogate’s compensation.

Legal cost

Intended parents need to bear with legal cost as legal service is one of the essential requirements in surrogacy. The documentation and signing of a surrogacy agreement require legal advice.

The legal fees are not fixed for every situation and also vary due to laws and processing required for this service.

Medical expense

The surrogacy process involves multiple medical procedures including fertility medication, IVF procedure. Medical expense varies as the number of attempts for embryo transfer varies until the successful pregnancy report does not achieve.

Additional charges require in case of involvement of egg and/ or sperm donor.  Even depending upon the pregnancy result like twins, triplets also require additional cost. Cesarean delivery requires an extra payment.

Surrogate compensation and reimbursement

Surrogate Compensation and reimbursement also make the surrogacy process an expensive venture. Intended parents need to pay basic compensation along with a  monthly allowance to cover all the pregnancy-related costs. The compensation amount is the payment for her time, mental and physical involvement, exhaustion, and other sacrifices.

The compensation amount can vary depending upon the experience of the surrogate, lost wages, insurance coverage, the course of pregnancy, multiple pregnancy, involvement of invasive procedures, and other factors.

All these cost involvements make surrogacy a costly assisted reproductive technique.

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