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Why is Georgia the world’s best Medical Tourist place especially for Infertility treatment/ Surrogacy / egg donation options?

Because Georgia is more favorable due to quality, safety, environment and availability of services those other countries like Cambodia, Ukraine & Mexico. In Georgia well recognized top fertility specialists available from all over the worlds. You can see our fertility doctors in Georgia are well known names in the industry. Our most of fertility specialists[…]

doctor in Surrogacy Centre & Associate Infertility Clinic in Georgia

Our Surrogacy Centre & Associate Infertility Clinic in Georgia

If a couple is unable to have a child in one year with having unprotected sex, it may be due to some possible fertility issues and they need immediate consultation to a fertility specialist and you can also consult to our Surrogacy Centre & Associate Infertility Clinic in Georgia. It is necessary to undertake a number[…]

Pregnant Surrogate mother in Georgia

Why choose surrogacy and infertility treatment in Georgia?

Surrogacy has become a hope for those people who are facing difficulties to have a child. It is obvious every married couples or couples in living in relations need to have kids in their life. There are some people who can’t enjoy this. It may be due to some medical reasons. When it comes to[…]