Screening counselling intended parent surrogacy

Why and how intended parents are screened for surrogacy?

The surrogacy service requires huge dedication and commitment to the intended end of surrogates. Therefore, the surrogate has an equal right to know about the intended parent’s details to ensure that the safety works for them, and emotional and financial support from the intended parents require to pursue the surrogacy process. Screening for intended parents Read more about Why and how intended parents are screened for surrogacy?[…]

Pic: Mother baby for Will the baby look like the surrogate mother?

Will the baby look like the surrogate mother?

You probably have a few questions if you’re thinking about using surrogacy to start a family or grow your existing one. “Will the baby look like the surrogate mother?”-is one of their frequently asked questions. When this question is asked, a lot of things come into play. Understanding the different types of surrogacy There are Read more about Will the baby look like the surrogate mother?[…]

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Surrogacy in Greece

In Greece, surrogacy is the best center when finding a surrogate mother is legal for heterosexual couples, married or unmarried, and single parents who cannot give birth naturally due to fertility or health problems. Only altruistic surrogacy and egg donation have been legalized and applied to Greek citizens since 2002, to which Article 1458 of Read more about Surrogacy in Greece[…]

Surrogacy in Netherlands

Surrogacy in the Netherlands

There are two types of surrogacy that are legal in the Netherlands, and practice offers both of them. Traditional and gestational surrogacy are the two types. The surrogate mother uses her own egg in traditional surrogacy. Because of this, the surrogate mother in traditional surrogacy is always the biological mother. The desired father’s or a Read more about Surrogacy in the Netherlands[…]

access to surrogacy 

Ease of access to surrogacy 

Surrogacy services assist to fulfill the dream of an infertile couple by providing the opportunity to become parents. Many surrogacy service providers across the globe serve this facility to every individual couple without discriminating against people from other geographical locations. A surrogacy agreement duly signed between both prospective parents and surrogate requires legaMany surrogacy service Read more about Ease of access to surrogacy […]

surrogacy finance

Surrogacy finance options

Surrogacy finance options can make surrogacy affordable for many intended parents who are unable to start their parenthood journey because of the financial crisis.  Surrogacy is a multi-tasking job that involves a number of people like a surrogate mother, clinician, legal professionals, gamete donors (if necessary), and a surrogacy agency to make it hassle-free. Intended Read more about Surrogacy finance options[…]