Ease of access to surrogacy 

Surrogacy services assist to fulfill the dream of an infertile couple by providing the opportunity to become parents. Many surrogacy service providers across the globe serve this facility to every individual couple without discriminating against people from other geographical locations. A surrogacy agreement duly signed between both prospective parents and surrogate requires legaMany surrogacy service centers are present worldwide over the world, but the right place to surrogate a child is very important. The step-by-step process follows to pursue surrogacy with good surrogacy service providers.

access to surrogacy : Pregnant

Step 1: The prospective parents need to know the detail of the surrogacy program provided by the surrogacy services to accomplish their dream. For this counseling require to pursue between prospective parents and service providers. During counseling service providers offer a surrogacy plan suitable for the prospective parents. After satisfactory discussion and settlement, the client requires to fill out a surrogacy form to create a client profile. 

Step 2: The client profile helps to introduce the prospective surrogates. Clients require to select a particular surrogate depending upon the matching with their requirements. Physical matching is not sufficient to pursue surrogacy, but medical and psychological screening is also important to continue the further process.

Step 3: The surrogacy contract is required to sign to fix the compensation for surrogacy, meeting expectations during and after a gestational period, the establishment of intended parents’ rights, etc. Surrogacy service providers are taking care of clients’ rights and interest.

Step 4: After signing the contract, the medical process will start to conduction of surrogacy. The clinician will confirm the pregnancy after a successful embryo transfer to the surrogate. Then, the surrogate can continue regular checkups with a local gynecologist.

Step 5: At the later stage of the second trimester, a lawyer associated with the Surrogacy service provider will complete appropriate legal measures to protect the parental rights of the intended parents. After childbirth, the intended parent’s name shall be added to the birth certificate to establish parental rights.

Surrogacy service providers offer all the required services including profile making, matching process, the arrangement of all required medical services, and legal services for smooth completion of the process.  

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