Surrogacy finance options

Surrogacy finance options can make surrogacy affordable for many intended parents who are unable to start their parenthood journey because of the financial crisis. 

Surrogacy is a multi-tasking job that involves a number of people like a surrogate mother, clinician, legal professionals, gamete donors (if necessary), and a surrogacy agency to make it hassle-free. Intended parents need to pay charges to obtain the respective services and that makes surrogacy an expensive venture. However, the surrogacy charges vary from country to country, agency to agency. The estimated budget to pursue surrogacy lies between $60,000–$100,000, and more.

surrogacy finance

Prospective parents are often demotivated because of the financial crisis. But many surrogacy financing options are available to support intended parents to solve their crunch. Following are some surrogacy finance options: 

Surrogacy Loans

Many organizations offer financing options to intended parents who are seeking fertility treatment or surrogacy. This is quite similar to home equity loans and credit cards. However, the term and conditions of the payment mode of the loan amount depend upon financial organizations or surrogacy agencies from where the intended parents will take the loan. 

Agency financing programs

Most surrogacy agencies permit prospective to pay on a charge plan instead of paying for the whole surrogacy front and center. A few agencies likewise offer their own financing projects or loans together with different associations that offer fertility loans and grants. Find out if there are any agency provides you with a suitable option.  

Surrogacy Grants

A surrogacy grant is a wide-use financing option for intended parents. 

Certain organizations accolade non-repayable funds to the intended parents who meet their terms and condition. For instance, some grants are specifically allotted to prospective parents who belong to a specific religion or are residents of a certain state. However, in any case, a diagnostic report for confirmation of infertility is essential to obtain the grant. Baby Quest Foundation, Journey to Parenthood Grant, Family Formation Charitable Trust, and many more are some of the organizations that offer surrogacy grants. But these organizations have their own terms and condition to offer the grant to the intended parents.  

Here it is necessary to mention that surrogacy grants often depend upon donations. Many individuals feel touched because of infertility issues and donate a certain amount of money in a surrogacy or infertility fund to help other hopeful parents grow their families.


Intended parents can also raise funds for their surrogacy account. Prospective parents can host an online fundraiser or do some innovative event or other widely available options to raise their funds. 

Online fundraising – Many online crowdfunding platforms are available for intended parents to set up free fundraisers and raise money for their surrogacy plan. 

Donation – Prospective parents can ask for a contribution to their surrogacy funds. 

Sell something– intended parents can sell handmade products, baked items, garage sales online, or collaborate with an immediate deals advisor and inquire as to whether they would give commission from a party you have.

Host an occasion – Organize a vehicle wash, quiet sale, or golf competition and direct all returns to your surrogacy fund. 

There are numerous ways to finance your surrogacy. With cautious exploration and arranging, you can find which techniques will turn out best for you, and your surrogacy objectives will be reachable.

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