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Surrogacy destination preference

Many countries ban surrogacy, while some of the destinations are ideal for conducting surrogacy. Therefore, an intended parent may need to search for domestic or international surrogacy. An intended parent’s most important decision is the right selection of surrogacy destination. The selection of destination for surrogacy depends upon many factors which include the professionalism of Read more about Surrogacy destination preference[…]

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Alternative to surrogacy in Georgia country 

Artificial insemination This also known as IUI, is a method of fertility treatment in which sperm are implanted directly into a woman’s uterus. IUI can be coordinated with a woman’s normal cycle (when the ovary releases one egg) or with fertility medications (to ensure the release of multiple eggs), depending on the cause of infertility. Read more about Alternative to surrogacy in Georgia country […]

Surrogacy ban in Georgia

New surrogacy bill may ban surrogacy in Georgia for foreigners

Due to its low costs and lack of paperwork, Georgia has long been a popular destination for people seeking a child through surrogacy. Since the full-scale intrusion of Russia into Ukraine, another well-known surrogacy objective, the Georgian surrogacy business has become considerably more famous, with costs and requests shooting up. However, this practice ought to Read more about New surrogacy bill may ban surrogacy in Georgia for foreigners[…]

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Georgia: A Surrogacy in India alternative

Surrogacy is one of the advanced assisted reproductive technology. Many celebrities had opted for surrogacy to complete their families. Media had already covered the success stories of surrogacy. But current worldwide economic growth allows the general population to think about becoming a biological parent by opting for surrogacy who is unable to build up their Read more about Georgia: A Surrogacy in India alternative[…]

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Surrogacy in Greece

In Greece, surrogacy is the best center when finding a surrogate mother is legal for heterosexual couples, married or unmarried, and single parents who cannot give birth naturally due to fertility or health problems. Only altruistic surrogacy and egg donation have been legalized and applied to Greek citizens since 2002, to which Article 1458 of Read more about Surrogacy in Greece[…]

Surrogacy in Netherlands

Surrogacy in the Netherlands

There are two types of surrogacy that are legal in the Netherlands, and practice offers both of them. Traditional and gestational surrogacy are the two types. The surrogate mother uses her own egg in traditional surrogacy. Because of this, the surrogate mother in traditional surrogacy is always the biological mother. The desired father’s or a Read more about Surrogacy in the Netherlands[…]

Taking a surrogate baby home from Georgia

Georgia becomes a popular international surrogacy destination. Georgian surrogacy legally allows foreign intended parents with different-sex parents as the legal parents of a baby born through surrogacy. In the recent amendment, couples living together now qualify too to opt for surrogacy in Georgia. However, surrogacy in Georgia is not legally permissible to other types of Read more about Taking a surrogate baby home from Georgia[…]

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Is surrogacy in a foreign country safe?

In some countries, the surrogacy process is well-regulated. People belonging to such countries can avail of domestic surrogacy. However, the purpose of international travel for opting cross broader surrogacy is also common nowadays. The reason for cross-border surrogacy varies. Some intended parents prefer cross-border surrogacy to find out a suitable match, but some need to Read more about Is surrogacy in a foreign country safe?[…]

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Surrogacy in Zimbabwe 

For couples who are infertile and don’t have an infant to complete a family need not take the stress anymore. Medical science in the present time has enhanced so much that it has discovered a way by which infertile couples can have their child to complete their family with the method of surrogacy. In previous Read more about Surrogacy in Zimbabwe […]

Surrogacy in Azerbaijan

Status of Surrogacy in Azerbaijan

The exploitation of a person is defined as forced labor (servitude), sexual servitude, slavery, practices similar to slavery and related conditions of servitude, illegal pull out of human organs and tissues, illegal biomedical research on a person, use of a woman as a surrogate mother, and engagement in illegal activities (including criminal activities) in article Read more about Status of Surrogacy in Azerbaijan[…]