Domestic vs cross border surrogacy

In some countries, surrogacy process is well regulated. People belong to such countries can avail domestic surrogacy. However, the purpose of international travel for opting cross broader surrogacy is also common nowadays. The reason for cross-border surrogacy varies. Some intended parents prefer to cross-border surrogacy to find out a suitable match, but some need to travel outside the national border for the surrogacy banning in their own country.

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There are some basic differences will be discussed in the subsequent paragraph irrespective of the reason for opting domestic or cross broader surrogacy.

General difference

One of the significant difference between domestic and cross broader surrogacy is the involvement of distance. Intended parents who opt cross-broader surrogacy, either they need to take complete or frequent leave from their respective jobs for involving in the whole pregnancy process and gestational period, or else they unable to take an active part in the surrogacy process.

Lack of participation in the process of surrogacy may increase the psychological tension of the intended parents. The process completely depends upon the involved surrogate, clinicians, and legal professionals. Therefore, distance is a big challenge to cross broader surrogacy.   

In cross broader surrogacy, intended parents need to do some additional legal work to bring the baby from foreign countries to their own country. The paperwork is complicated in some countries and takes several months. Therefore, intended parents need to start this legal activity at the initial stage of surrogacy. Intended parents need to do their research to avoid any lacuna in such work. 

Financial difference

In some countries, intended parents choose to cross-broader surrogacy even after the well regulated domestic surrogacy due to expenditure is comparatively more than international surrogacy. For example, some American states have well-regulated surrogacy, though the intended parents of these countries prefer to opt cross-border surrogacy because of high-cost financial involvement.

But it is necessary to mention that less infrastructural advancement may be the reason for the cost difference in the surrogacy process from developed countries to developing countries or underdeveloped countries. Therefore, intended parents need to consider the proper infrastructural facilities before selecting the country where they perform surrogacy.  

The difference in Medical facilities

The surrogacy aims to obtain a successful result. Some intended parents may travel to international countries for better medical facilities. However, intended parents need to collect all the detail information of medical facilities along with the success rate of surrogacy of a clinic (which may domestic or international) to obtain the best possible fertility treatment.   

Countries like America have followed a standard reproductive technique with high-quality clinical infrastructure. The medical professionals also have expertise in this process. Therefore, the chance of failure of surrogacy is very less in such developed countries.

However, the financial difference is significant in comparison to American states with other countries. And for this reason, many American intended parents also prefer to cross broader surrogacy to minimize the treatment budget.

Screening process difference

The complete surrogacy standard differs from country to country. Every country has its screening standard criteria for selecting surrogates. Some countries ignore some important screening eligibility criteria, such as the current living condition of the surrogate, literacy and family support. There is also differ the screening equipment used in surrogate screening. The detail screening technique always increases the scope of successful surrogacy with less complication.  

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Legal difference and social issues

Surrogacy law and regulation differ from country to country. Intended parent must be aware of all the details of the country-specific surrogacy law and legal procedures in case of cross broader surrogacy. Besides this, intended parents have to make sure about the surrogacy law where they pursue the surrogacy for confirmation of the sufficient protection for themselves as well as the involved surrogate.

It is always better to create surrogacy contract under the surrogacy attorneys to obtain the protection of parental rights of the intended parents, and right to compensation of surrogates. Provision of such a legal contract helps to build trust in the cross broader surrogacy process.  

The legal difference between some countries can only allow altruistic surrogacy. In such cases, surrogates will not receive any price as a gestational carrier. In this circumstance, the permission of surrogacy for foreigners may create ethical concerns.

Sometimes, cultural difference also creates social issues. Like, lack of family support, social stigma, etc become a barrier in the surrogacy process. However, such a problem can arise both domestic and cross broader surrogacy. The arrival of such a problem in cross broader surrogacy may create additional pressure for intended parents and surrogates too. 

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