Surrogacy destination preference

Many countries ban surrogacy, while some of the destinations are ideal for conducting surrogacy. Therefore, an intended parent may need to search for domestic or international surrogacy. An intended parent’s most important decision is the right selection of surrogacy destination.

The selection of destination for surrogacy depends upon many factors which include the professionalism of the surrogacy clinic or agency, the perfect match with the surrogate, and other assistance like egg or sperm donor, treatment facility, legal support, and a robust circumstance until the intended parents go back their home with their child/ children.

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Legislative and legal parameter

Currently, cross-broader surrogacy is very popular. But some of these destinations which offer surrogacy services may not be well-established or secure to conduct surrogacy or may have legal issues. Usually, the law of a country often causes a complex arrangement, which becomes a drawback and creates hurdles in this journey. Many intended parents had experienced legal hazards due to unfavorable legislation to conduct surrogacy as a foreigner. Therefore, intended parents must anticipate the problems before selecting the surrogacy destination.

Any emerging destination for pursuing surrogacy becomes a big challenge without having a supportive legal framework. Intended parents often become vulnerable if they choose such countries where no fixed surrogacy regulation is issued by the government. The chances of legislative change create unnecessary chaos throughout the process and devastating outcomes.

Intended parents may have delays and difficulties to obtain the necessary documents for their return to their domestic country after the delivery of the child. It creates stress for an intended parent about the legal parenthood of the born child.

A look at the laws governing surrogacy in various nations:

* Revenue-driven surrogacy is restricted in Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, Brazil, England, and Australia, yet they all permit a few types of benevolent surrogacy.

* Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Taiwan, and Spain disallow all types of surrogacy.

* There is no regulation concerning surrogacy at the government level in the US, and a few states permit business surrogacy game plans.

* Ukraine was until the Russians attack a worldwide surrogacy center, including a huge number of infants every year, as per a few evaluations, a considerable lot of them taken abroad by outsiders. Reuters has detailed that when the conflict broke out, a few unfamiliar couples headed out to gather their youngsters yet others were being focused on in a stopgap center by medical caretakers.

* Commercial surrogacy is only legal for heterosexual couples, but Georgia has also been a popular fertility tourism destination. Surrogate mothers are not considered to be the parents of the born child under Georgian law.

* Surrogacy is likewise permitted in Russia, however, the training has been censured by strict gatherings as commercializing the introduction of kids, and in December 2022, President Vladimir Putin as of late marked a regulation banning outsiders from utilizing Russian substitute moms.

* Colombia permits business surrogacy, yet however the training is perceived by the protected court, there are not many guidelines. This year, a bill that, according to the author, would protect surrogates, potential parents, and the children themselves was introduced by a legislator in Colombia’s lower house.

* For-benefit surrogacy thrived in Thailand until 2015 when the nation prohibited it for outsiders after a progression of high-profile cases, including an Australian couple who were blamed for leaving a child brought into the world with Down’s disorder.

* Cambodia had no regulations concerning surrogacy, yet it got serious about organizations in 2016 under illegal exploitation regulations.

Trustworthy surrogacy agency

The surrogacy agency plays a crucial role in this journey. A good amount of money is involved in this process. A trustworthy surrogacy agency can support the process, whereas fake surrogacy agencies can disappear before the completion of their promise or withdraw their contribution in case of any unfavorable circumstances. It is always better to avoid the agencies that claim to provide their services in the destinations where legal restrictions are there to pursue surrogacy for foreigners like India, and Thailand.

Previous service history and review of intended parents who already made their surrogacy journey with the agency is an important parameters to consider in the selection of the specific surrogacy agency. The track record of the agency should be satisfactory in respect of completing successful surrogacy.

Importance of Communication

Surrogacy is a complex journey. Intended parents must communicate with the staff members of the sort listed surrogacy clinics or agencies of different destinations to gather the information directly from the staff. Continuous communication is important to understand the requirements and the supportive nature of the representative of the surrogacy center. Considering the response obtained from surrogacy clinics or agencies of different destinations is an important parameter for decision-making.

Flexible circumstance

The experience of every surrogacy journey is different. There are several variables involved in the surrogacy journey, including selecting criteria for a surrogate, egg donors, etc. It is necessary to know that the selecting destination should have enough flexibility in their database to meet the need of the individual requirement of the intended parents.  

Relationship build-up

Successful surrogacy requires a good relationship between intended parents and surrogates. Support from a surrogacy agency helps to build up a relationship between intended parents and the surrogate, which smoothens the process.

Some best surrogacy destinations

Some of the best destinations for surrogacy are the USA, Canada, Georgia, Ukraine. Most of these countries are secure to continue surrogacy. Intended parents can choose any of them. All these countries have their surrogacy regulatory legislations. However, there are different legislations among different US states. Some of them are surrogacy friendly, but not all.  Individual research of these destinations and the surrogacy agencies of these countries are important before finalizing the destination.

Financial consideration

The financial investment is quite high in surrogacy. Cross broader destination increases the charge due to traveling, legal documentation, etc. The cost of surrogacy varies from country to country. In the above-mentioned section, some of the best destinations for surrogacy has discussed. Intended parents should be considered the financial aspect depending upon their estimated budget before finalizing the destination.  


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