What is the percentage of surrogacy awareness around the globe?

Global market insight recently published data to showcase the exceeded market of surrogacy. According to this data, the surrogacy market size had reached $5.5 billion in 2018. This report also forecast that this will be raised over 24.5% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) within 2025. This data indicates global surrogacy awareness heightened-up. The surrogacy industry is based on both commercial as well as altruistic practice. However, commercial surrogacy practice is legally accepted in a few countries only. 

Surrogacy awareness

In 1975, the first successful IVF embryo transfer had happened and ethically accepted. This was legally accepted traditional surrogacy in which no compensation was paid to the surrogate. The lawyer involved in this case was Noel Keane who established a fertility center later by utilizing his experience. The gestation surrogacy becomes a legally accepted process after the birth of ‘Baby M’ in 1986. Gradually a significant demand persists constantly which provides steady growth in the surrogacy industry. 

Currently, the Surrogacy market is covered in different geographical regions such as Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Poland, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, Ukraine, UK, and the U.S.

Following are the reason for the gradual increase of awareness about surrogacy

  • Global infertility rate increasing 
  • Rising awareness about different fertility treatments including assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) such as surrogacy. 
  • Hormonal imbalance, excessive alcohol consumption, and other reasons influence the increasing prevalence of infertility. 
  • The number of fertility clinics increases. 

Some of the fertility clinics like AVA Clinic Scanfert, Bangkok IVF Center, Cardone & Associates Reproductive Medicine & Infertility, Extraordinary Conceptions, IVI-RMA GLOBAL, Ovation Fertility, New Hope Fertility Center, Nova IVI Fertility (NIF), LLC. Plays important role in public awareness about surrogacy by offering multiple ARTs to infertile couples who came from different countries to solve their fertility issues. Thus, awareness spread among the public and also increasing the surrogacy demands among infertile couples. Digital marketing tools using by different fertility clinics to raise awareness about infertility and different ARTs including surrogacy. This drive helps a steady growth in the surrogacy market.



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