How surrogacy clinics keep costs low in Georgia than other European countries?

Affordable surrogacy clinics in Georgia promote low-cost surrogacy in Europe. Georgia is located in the eastern region of Europe. Surrogacy in Georgia is legally acceptable for married heterosexual couples. The affordable surrogacy procedure in Georgia along with legal acceptance makes it a popular international surrogacy destination for an infertile couple.

  low cost surrogacy

Both local and international childless couples get equal opportunities to opt for surrogacy because of the favorable third-party reproductive law in Georgia. Following are certain advantages that help to keep low cost in Georgia than other European countries:

Geographical location

Georgia is a small country located at the intersection of Europe and Asia. This diversity of this small country attracts huge infertile populations from Asia, Europe. Serving more infertile patients can naturally be an effective way to expense management in the healthcare system.

Favorable laws and regulations

Georgia offers the most favorable surrogacy law among all other European countries. The surrogacy law in Georgia is effective to provide legal protection to both intended parents and surrogates. Moreover, the Surrogacy clinic in Georgia equally treats every intended parent irrespective of their country. Therefore, more patients visit this country for pursuing their surrogacy journey. Serving more people increase the cumulative income that ultimately helps to reduce the cost of the overall treatment. 

Low IVF Cost

IVF is an integral part of surrogacy treatment. Surrogacy clinics in Georgia offer the lowest IVF cost than other clinics located in different European territories. The low-cost IVF is a lucrative option for intended parents who are seeking affordable surrogacy. 

The reasonable compensation rate for surrogate 

In Georgia, women who are applied for surrogate mothers usually belong to lower social classes. But all of them are maintain a good standard of living and reside in a clean home. In this aspect, the compensation rate is quite reasonable in this country for surrogate mothers compared with other European countries. 

Easy availability of surrogate

Georgian surrogacy clinics have a wide database of potential surrogates. Therefore, the waiting period is less for intended parents. Frequent surrogacy procedure gives a steady flow of income and that can help to reduce the overall cost of the procedure. 

Availability of egg donor

Intended parents often prefer to use a Caucasian egg donor. Many eligible Caucasian egg donors are located in Georgia. Georgian clinics provide complete profiles, along with photos of an egg donor to the intended parents for quick and easy decision-making without a much-delayed waiting period. 

Advanced medical infrastructure

Georgian clinics have all the advanced medical technologies along with modern infrastructure to perform world-class surrogacy to the intended parents without compromising any of the related advancements. 

Birth-defect control

Genetic testing is possible during IVF to avoid birth defects. However, gender determination is restricted. 

The favorable option to submit a marriage certificate

Couples who have not yet married can also apply for surrogacy in Georgia. The marriage certificate is required after child delivery and during the issuing of the birth certificate. Therefore, couples get some relaxation in terms of official marriage certification submission. 

Need to not physically present during surrogacy agreement

Travel restriction is a big issue to perform surrogacy for intended parents during this pandemic situation. Georgian clinics allow intended parents to mail a Power of Authority for authorizing surrogacy agency staff to sign on their behalf. Thus, it not only makes the process easy and seamless but also saves time and cost for prospective parents. 

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