Fertility treatment therapies: pregnant woman

Fertility treatment therapies 

Fertility treatment therapies include medication therapy and surgical intervention. There are different therapeutic and surgical interventions available for male and female infertile patients. However, failure of this conventional treatment or in unfeasible situations embryo implantation through assisted reproductive technology can also be recommended for a successful pregnancy. Conventional medical therapy can successfully treat ovulation problems Read more about Fertility treatment therapies […]

New advanced fertility treatments

New advanced fertility treatments

Medical advancement brings many infertility treatment options which are safe and provide effective result. The doctor offers the treatment plan depending upon the couple’s condition. Commencement of treatment depends upon the mutual consideration of the doctor’s advice and the couple’s decision. Following are some fertility treatments that have established decades ago. But the medical science Read more about New advanced fertility treatments[…]

Egg Sharing

Is Joining egg sharing program lower the scope of Pregnancy?

Is sharing egg impact egg supply? Women with bellow 35 years of age produce surplus eggs can share with other women who unable to produce eggs in their ovary.  But may one query restrict potential egg donor to share her egg with others, i.e. is sharing egg harmful for future pregnancy of the egg donor? Read more about Is Joining egg sharing program lower the scope of Pregnancy?[…]

Human life in frozen Embryo and Fertility treatment ethics

Human life in frozen embryos? Fertility treatments ethics

There are different explanations for the concept of the embryo for human life. These explanations are largely based upon the social contemplations of people. The concept of frozen human embryos has always remained a topic of ethical concern. There are multiple definitions of embryo derived from individual ethicists and legislators. In IVF clinics, the frozen Read more about Human life in frozen embryos? Fertility treatments ethics[…]