Does IVF possible without eggs?

IVF cannot be possible without eggs. IVF is artificial fertilization. However IVF requires both male and female gametes (sperm and egg) for fertilization. Females have many health problems like empty follicle syndrome (EFS) that lead to diminishing egg count. Although this condition is rare. In this condition, no egg is retrieved from the mature follicle after ovulation induction at in-vitro fertilization cycles. But apart from this medical condition, egg count, as well as the quality of eggs, are declining with increasing age. Apart from aging, some medical treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, and surgical removal of ovaries can cause diminishing egg production. 

IVF without eggs

All such problems cannot stop a woman from becoming a mother after the discovery of assisted reproductive technologies like IVF.  IVF alone or in combination with other methodologies an infertile woman can enjoy her motherhood. But yet now no news reveals that IVF can be possible without eggs. 

However, medical advancements give options for cryopreservation of eggs as well as using donor egg options. Women who do not start their family, but need to undergo such treatment procedures that can diminish their egg production ability after completion of the treatment procedure can opt for egg cryopreservation. They can utilize their eggs to create a biologically related baby. 

Women need donor egg options after multiple failures of the IVF cycle continued with their eggs. The failure of IVF can happen due to a few number of follicles, low levels of estrogen, high levels of estrogen, unexpected drops of estrogen level, no egg retrieved even after follicular stimulation, high progesterone level, and other health issues. 

However, donor-embryo-adoption or simply it can term as embryo adoption is another process where maternal eggs are not used. In this process, the embryo is created by using sperm and eggs from another couple and that is implanted into the intended mother’s womb for further growth of the fetus. 



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