My Doctor recommended surrogacy but what next?

Before you start surrogacy treatment, surrogacy planning is very important.

Doctor recommended surrogacy

After all surrogacy is a complex process.

Following are the steps followed in the surrogacy procedure:

Searching for surrogacy partner:

Surrogacy service providers or intended parents can search for a suitable match for a surrogate partner.

Screening test: 

A thorough medical screening test is conducted to check the physical and mental well-being of the surrogate.

After passing all the necessary screening tests, the surrogacy procedure will start.

Surrogacy contract signature:

 The lawyer made a legal contract by keeping all the necessary summits in the document.

Both intended parents and surrogates need to sign the document before starting the medical treatment.

Embryo transfer: 

The embryo is transferred to the surrogate mother’s womb after developing the embryo in the fertility clinic laboratory for further development of the offspring.

If the embryo creation process requires support from egg and sperm donors, then surrogacy service providers also provide this facility.

Establishment of parental rights:

After confirmation of the pregnancy, surrogacy service providers help in the documentation for establishing parental rights during the third trimester of the gestation period.


Medical professionals discuss with intended parents and surrogates about the child delivery plan.

After the delivery of the child, the surrogate gets proper medical supervision.

The child is handed over to intended parents along with all the official rights of the child.

Surrogacy planning

Surrogacy planning is a huge task that involves a number of legal, medical, and procedural requirements.

All these activities require lots of time to communicate, coordinate with professionals and surrogate mothers.

Following are some activities one need to do during surrogacy planning:

  • Finding a surrogacy attorney and negotiating a contract in accordance with state laws.
  • Finding a fertility clinic
    Coordinating with those professionals, as well as with the hospital where selected surrogate plans to deliver.
  • Managing relationship with the surrogate, including talking about and handling finances.
  • Handling health insurance for oneself, surrogate and delivering children.
  • Finding appropriate counseling services for intended parents and surrogate.

Busy professionals who want to plan for surrogacy are often stuck due to time crunch to manage the whole journey.

In such conditions, the surrogacy agency is the one-stop solution for them.

What are the services surrogacy agencies offering?

Surrogacy Agencies are also known as surrogacy groups, centers, programs, or companies.

Surrogacy Agencies coordinate all the facilities that intended parents and surrogates want to complete the procedure, so they’re appreciated as a one-stop solution and one of the safest and least hectic ways to traverse a multifaceted journey.

While every agency will deal with diverse services, most will provide:

  • Matching services to help intended parents connect with a surrogate that suits the individual requirement.
  • Screening services to let intended parents know that their surrogate partner is safe, healthy, and ready.
  • Counseling services for intended parents and surrogates to support the emotions intended parents may encounter and help them mediate surrogate partnership as needed.
  • Recommendations to required third-party professionals, such as lawyers and fertility clinics.
  • Professional coordination services so intended parents don’t have to pay attention to every detail And so on.

However, you can pursue surrogacy journey without hiring surrogacy agency.

But just keep in mind that sincere involvement in the medical process is the utmost requirement from both the parties (surrogate and intended parents) result to obtain a successful result. 

The foremost important tip for successful surrogacy journey is to follow all the directions given by the fertility clinic before, during, and after every step followed to conduct the procedure. 

The right selection of the clinic is very important to avail of all the facilities including medical, legal, and compensation support as well as identity protection.  

Family support is very important during the surrogacy journey.

Keep yourself connected with your surrogate to enjoy this precious moment.  

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