Motherhood of  Lisa Ray: Success of Georgian Surrogacy

Who Is Lisa Ray?

Lisa Ray is an Indo-Canadian actress who born on 4th April 1972. She started her carrier as a model and gradually she enters television and later in the film industry.

Her Canadian film ‘Water’ was selected at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2005 and nominated for Oscar.

She debuted in Indian movies in 1994 as an actress in a Tamil movie Nethaji, later she appeared in Hindi and Telugu movies also.

Some of her famous movies are I Can’t Think Straight (English movie) and The World Unseen (English movie), Kasoor, Veerappan (Hindi movies), Nethaji (debut Tamil movie), Takkari Donga, Mahesh Babu (Telugu movies). Apart from acting, Lisa Ray is also a known social activist.

Lisa Ray as a Cancer survivor

Lisa Ray not only showed her interest in the glamorous world, but she is also an ardent supporter of stem cell technology, open public orator, and yoga practitioner.

In 2011, Lisa Ray initiates Moksha Yoga Brampton in a partnership with Paris and Annette.

But her journey of life is not smooth. In 2009, Lisa Ray was diagnosed with rare blood cancer, multiple myeloma. This is incurable cancer. The aggressive nature of multiple myeloma affects the bone marrow and the fatal outcome is common.

But she is an example of a multiple myeloma cancer fighter. She had been undergone several rounds of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. In 2010, she celebrated her cancer-free life after a thorough diagnosis.

During her treatment period, Lisa became had lost her hair and gained weight, but she worked hard to get back into shape.

Along with prescribed medicine, Lisa Ray continues yoga regularly and she feels yoga helps her to get back her energy level. Her faster recovery was noticeable, as she came back in the IIFA Awards 2011, which was held in Toronto.

Lisa Ray’s Parenthood journey

The life of Lisa Ray after cancer diagnosis until today proves the advancement of medical science. Not only as a cancer survivor but recently her motherhood through opting for surrogacy also confirmed that cancer patients can lead a normal life and fulfill their motherhood desire also.

46 years old Lisa Ray become a mother in 2018 and she revealed her motherhood journey. Lisa Ray still under multiple life-long cancer medications, which hinder her pregnancy.

But She and her husband Jason Dehni decided to opt for surrogacy for their parenthood. Lisa Ray revealed in her recent interview that their first preference to conduct surrogacy was in India, but unfortunately, current Indian law does not allow commercial surrogacy.

Therefore, they hired a Mexican surrogacy agency, but unfortunately, the attempt failed after spending a lot of money, emotional resources, and sleepless nights.

But this failure unable to stop Lisa Ray and her husband to become a parent and they finally took the support from a surrogacy agency present in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The couple took legal surrogacy services for heterosexuals in Tbilisi, Georgia to settle their issue successfully. The hassle-free, regulated, transparent process and an overall win-win situation for both surrogates and intended parents make a happy ending by giving birth to a twin girl child in June 2018.

Lisa  Ray has now become a mother of Sufi and Soleil by getting support from a Georgian(Country) surrogacy agency.

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