Pic. pregnant lady holding baby shoes. IVF success rate is at peak.

IVF success rate is at peak

IVF is one of the most common assisted reproduction technology used as fertility treatment. The success rate is an important factor in decision making. Therefore, every year,  IVF centers reported their success rate to the country-specific health and reproductive authority. The IVF success rate is calculated by comparing the number of procedure conducted or embryo Read more about IVF success rate is at peak[…]

Surrogacy faqs

Frequently Asked Questions related to surrogacy

Surrogacy is an advanced version of assisted reproductive technology. Both surrogate (the woman who has hired to carry the child) and intended parents have some common questions in their mind, which are as follows: Why is surrogacy considered as a complex ART process? Surrogacy is a third party reproduction technique requires to hire a woman Read more about Frequently Asked Questions related to surrogacy[…]

Pregnant lady gift. pregnancy research and activity

Pregnancy Research Activities and Advances

Pregnancy research activities and advances are based on the improvement of the maternal and fetal health starting from before conception to two to three months after delivery of the child. In 2014, the Human Placenta Project launched for better understanding of the structure and function of the placenta in real time and also reduce the Read more about Pregnancy Research Activities and Advances[…]

IVF Process: Only option to Get Pregnant

There has been a lot of discussion about surrogacy these days. Many people, globally, who have not had any real need to discover surrogacy, might be baffled by exactly what is done in order for the surrogate mom to become pregnant. It frequently occurs that strangers think that some kind of “hanky panky” goes on Read more about IVF Process: Only option to Get Pregnant[…]

A new era in Child birth. Pic. New born baby holding mother's finger

A new era in childbirth

Step by step improvement in human childbirth is significant throughout human evolution.  Before 1978, nobody has the idea that a child could birth through IVF. On 25th July 1978, Louise was the first girl child born through IVF with all the normal physical features. This medical advancement surprised whole human fraternity. However, this success story Read more about A new era in childbirth[…]

育儿, 代孕如何运作?

How does surrogacy work?

Surrogacy can be simply defined as the process of giving birth to a child after completing the whole gestational period successfully for an infertile couple. This process gradually gets public as well as legal acceptance in some country as it assists to build-up a family for an infertile couple.  Surrogacy is an alternative option for Read more about How does surrogacy work?[…]

fetas baby weight mother genetics. Pic heart baby

Mother and fetus genetic relation with birth weight

A recent research study published in Nature Genetics reported a novel approach, which has represented a complex relationship between a maternal and fetal genetic relationship with the birth of the newborn. This is a large scale study and conducted with the help of collaboration of renowned International universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Queensland, and Exeter. Read more about Mother and fetus genetic relation with birth weight[…]

single mom celebrates father day

Here is how a single mom celebrates father day?

How to Embrace Father’s Day as a Single Parent– Some Better Options to Celebrate the Day Once in a year, Father’s Day is a celebration of honoring fathers and the way of enjoying fatherhood, paternal bonds and influences of father in society. It is celebrated on various days in different parts of the world – Read more about Here is how a single mom celebrates father day?[…]

Progesterone treatment and childbirth: Pic pregnant lady

Progesterone treatment and childbirth

Overview The role of progesterone is so vital in childbirth that it recognizes as the pregnancy hormone. This hormone naturally secreted from the corpus luteum for  10 to 14 days until the placenta it’s functioning. In between 7 to 9 week of gestational period, the placenta is formed and maintain the pregnancy. Progesterone helps in Read more about Progesterone treatment and childbirth[…]

Is male age factor has any effect on pregnancy?

Previously, we thought that only female age factor is important for pregnancy. But recent medical approach stated that biological clock is clicking for the male individual also. Delay fatherhood may affect the child as well as the partner’s health also. Journal Maturitas published a research review articles considering 40 years of research studies conducted to Read more about Is male age factor has any effect on pregnancy?[…]