Surrogacy a hard choice but also the last resort to childless couples

Surrogacy is a hard choice and poses lots of hiccups in the social acceptance of this medical process. However, surrogacy is one of the trusted medical processes to settle infertility issues. If every individual considers surrogacy as an assisted tool to provide newborns to the childless couple, then this scenario can be changed. All of us believe, a newborn child is the sweetest creation of God where all the members of a family and the involved individuals experience this happiness. Every step of the birth of the newborn involves lots of excitement along with anxiousness.

But it is unfortunate that some of the couples unable to experience giving birth to their own child in a natural way. This special moment will never come in their life without taking proper reproductive medical assistance from the expert. Surrogacy is the last option in Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) for an infertile couple to have their own child.   

According to the Center for Social Research, worldwide approximately 259,200 children are born every day, which means three children in each second. This data may explain childbirth as a very simple and natural phenomenon. While considering the whole process medically, then it may not be a much easy task as it seems. Starting from decision making for family planning to giving birth to a child requires both mental and physical wellbeing.

The physical inability to giving birth to own offspring often generates psychological and emotional consequences in many infertile men and women. Infertility often creates a wrong feeling and psychologically the person loses self-esteem and confidence. The slaughtered fundamentals of life, feeling of a meaningless role in the family, losing hope in life, and personal identity crisis majorly affects the overall health of the infertile person. In this mental condition, it is very difficult to decide to choose surrogacy option. But fortunately, medical advancement supports surrogacy as an alternative remedy for infertility.

In the social perspective, surrogacy is an agreement for convenience, but clinically surrogacy is a medical treatment for an infertile couple. Childless couple gets attracted towards surrogacy because it offers the maximum prospect to get their biological offspring. Surrogacy attracts media attention, as there are many celebrities enlisted in the surrogacy list. The success stories of surrogacy greatly magnetize people across the globe. Gradually social acceptance of surrogacy is increasing.

However, the decision to opt for surrogacy is not an easy task. In this process, surrogate mothers need to hire for embryo growth in her womb. Lots of ifs and buts may arise before opting surrogacy. But it is necessary to mention if you face the same problem, then you should not keep things inside yourself. You need to discuss the issues with the surrogacy service provider. Experts associated in the surrogacy service center offers surrogacy consultancy for easy decision making. 

Surrogacy service providers facilitate decision-making by implementing interventions. They address the challenges, as well as discuss the necessary requirements to pursue surrogacy safely and in an effective manner. Ovulation induction, artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilization, gamete intrafallopian transfer, and intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection are different usual ARTs available to treat infertile conditions. In case of all these processes are failed, then surrogacy only option left as the last resort for childless couples.

Surrogacy is a combination of assisted reproductive techniques.  All the necessary medical steps, such as egg retrieval procedure, donor insemination, embryo transfer methods, fertility medication, and prenatal care are started after the contract agreement is signed between both the surrogate mother and the intended parents.

Surrogacy is not available in all countries or restricted with conditions while some countries allow surrogacy fully.

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