Questions that Egg Donors Should Ask

Field of fertility treatment has witnessed a huge and significant growth in last couple of years, especially with increasing interest among couples and intended parents who wants to have their child through any healthy and certain medical procedure.

Now, it has become a trend to freeze eggs at the young age of 20 to 25 years either to sell to needy women who are trying to get pregnant for healthy baby or to use them to get pregnant later or in the age of 40 years.

Egg donor services are ideal for those women who don’t have adequate eggs.

For them, reaching the surrogacy and egg donation centre in Georgia is ideal option where egg donation programs are offered by following all the standards and in the safest way.

These eggs are ideal options for those women who have genetic disorders and they want to give birth to their healthy kids.

Becoming an egg donor or sperm donor is beneficial in a number of ways.

But before getting these services, it is important to keep some essential points in mind.

As an egg donor, you should keep some essential points in mind or ask some questions to the selected egg/sperm donation agency in Georgia.

  • You should ask for the requirements to become egg donor?
  • How much time you need before being matched or what is the procedure of payment or how the funds are held in case of selling eggs (frozen eggs) to other women?
  • What kind of support and services you will get as egg donors?

It is also important to ask some essential questions to surrogacy center.

Essential Questions to Keep in Mind and Ask at the Time of Choosing a Surrogacy & Egg Donation Agency

For couples and intended parents, who are in the mid of searching for the right egg donation agency or searching for sperm donation service providers, it is important to keep some essential questions in mind and then getting the right answers for them.

Keeping these points in mind will help you in selection of the right agency.

Some of the common questions that you should ask at the time of choosing a surrogacy and egg donation centre are the following:

  • How many years of experience the selected clinic has?
  • Is the selected egg donation and surrogacy centre providing your required services and comprehensive support to parents and couples who are looking for such services?
  • Don’t forget to ask about the screening process for surrogate and donors. What type of support is offered?
  • Is the selected agency valid and has a license or certification to offer such services?
  • Is the selected surrogacy agency following legal points of surrogacy & egg donation in Georgia?
  • What are the main reasons to choose the selected agency?

These points will help you in fulfilling your requirement and help you in selection of the right centre where world-class surrogacy service in Georgia are provided along with egg donation & sperm donation services.

Don’t ask to put your question that the selected agency holds funds because you will love to ensure that your money is protected – either through an attorney held a trust account or through an agency.

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